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Ministers’ Restriction To Buhari: Review Your Policy, Says IPAC


National Chairman, Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC), Peter Ameh, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw the ministers’ restriction policies.

He argued that ministers’ restrictions to Buhari would create avenue for power abuse. He explained that though restrictions to president is globally practice, it should not apply to Nigeria because of its diversity.

Ministers charged on good legacy

Also, Ameh enjoined the newly appointed ministers to leave a legacy of good report that would surpass them. He lamented that in the past, many ministers just the occupy office as representatives of their state in the cabinet.

According to Tribune, Umeh charged the ministers to respond to the yearnings of Nigerians whose mandate brought in President.

“Lateef Jakande left office as governor of Lagos, but his legacy lingers on. Many Nigerians sing his praises till date because he left a good legacy in the state,” Ameh stated.

Review your policy on ministers restriction, IPAC tells Buhari

The Chairman called on Buhari to review his charge that restricts ministers access to him. “The president’s statement leaves room for abuse of power, though it’s the standard practice,” he said.

According to Ameh, Nigerians are full of expectation from the ministers creating such limitation of access may be counter-productive.

” Ministers may not perform if  in the black book of the Chief of Staff or Secretary to the Government. Besides, there may be instances of emergencies that would require Presidential urgent attention.

‘It’s normal administrative protocols, but…’

“These are normal administrative protocols, but for the President to say that its now the authoritative channel, calls for concern. Delegating such power to a subordinate if not properly checked, maybe abused.

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“The President should have allowed a caveat in that authority he is creating in the case of urgent national emergency. For which the ministers may want to see the President for his clear orders and directive.

“Apart from Buhari, many Nigerians do not know these people he entrusted power to. The person Nigerians voted is Muhammadu Buhari. So, if anything goes wrong, Buhari and the minister will take responsibility,” Ameh said.


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