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Kyari Explains Why He Shuts Down Nigeria’s Four Oil Refineries

Mele Kyari, the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, has explained reasons he shuts down the country’s four oil refineries in Warri, Kaduna and  Port Harcourt.

Kyari on Channels Television’s Politics Today explained that shutting down the four refineries became necessary because they were all functioning below capacity.

His words:  “First, all the four refineries in three locations are shut down and it was a deliberate decision for two reasons. One is that delivery of crude oil to these refineries is completely challenged because the pipeline network has been completely compromised by vandals and all kinds of people that will not allow us to operate these pipelines.

“That means you are not able to deliver crude oil to these refineries effectively to their maximum capacity. Secondly, what you call rehabilitation is different from the turn around maintenance. Turnaround is routine which every refinery does but when you talk about rehabilitation, it is that colossal loss of capacity in the refinery and it means you haven’t done the turnaround maintenance properly.

“Typically, every refinery is expected to operate at 90 per cent of its installed capacity. With the best of effort, with all the turnaround maintenance that has taken place, it is impossible to run any of the refineries before the shutdown at that level. Our estimate was to run it at 60 per cent of capacity but if you do that, all you are doing is value destruction. You will take $100 crude into the refinery and bring out $70 product. It doesn’t make sense.”

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