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Manoka Berthed, Inspires Crypto ecosystem with Coins Recommendations


Manoka Island Trade has hit the ground running as it financially empowered scores of participants on Saturday during its virtual launch of Manoka Island crypto trade training titled. ‘The Missing Link’.

Manoka Island, he noted is a cryptocurrency recommendations platform designed to give everyday people alert opportunities to jump into the Crypto space without fear.

Addressing the virtual participants drawn from across the world, the Founder/CEO of Manoka Island, Mr Mit Phoenix decried that many crypto enthusiasts have over the years lost money in the crypto ecosystem due to ignorance.

According to him, as of January 2021, there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence but added that not all these cryptocurrencies are viable for purchase.

”As a result, many gullible investors in the crypto space have lost their hard-earned money due to a lack of some basic knowledge of the industry. The missing link is what we are here to correct,” Phoenix said.

Having established Manoka in 2016, Phoenix said his heart bleeds whenever he sees crypto investors losing money when he knows what to do to help people make profits.

He pointed out that the missing link is for anyone in the crypto ecosystem to know what digital currency to buy every month, when to hold on to such cryptocurrencies and when to sell them.

”This is what Manoka Island launch of today has come to correct and disclose to the world every day. We will be given cryptocurrency buy recommendations to Manoka’s subscribers,”  the CEO said.

In his generosity, he recommended WazirX, Aragon and Dragonchain freely to participants to buy and keep.

”However, to continue to get this kind of recommendations, you must subscribe to Manoka Island Trade ( We do not trade for anyone but recommend the coins to buy, That’s our vision and mission,” Phoenix explained.

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Earlier, many participants across the world had spoken to express their profound gratitude to Mit Phoenix for the cryptocurrencies buy and sell recommendation they got over the year that has made them millionaires.

According to participants testimonials, Mr Phoenix gave them those coins recommendations without asking for a dim in return for his service.

It may interest you to note that within one week before Manoka launch 1 May 2021, it reached 131,243 on Facebook,  273 likes and 10,400 engagements. On Twitter, in one week Manoka had 84,600 views, 2,300 like and 69 retweets. Apparently, it is a cryptocurrency alert company to watch in 2021.


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