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How Dr Ola Adebogun Inspired My PhD, Sponsors Me

By Elvis Efe Otobo, PhD.

I met Dr. Ola Adebogun in 2014. At that time life was at its lowest ebb but he gave me a chance and encouraged me massively all the way as a father would do to his biological son.

He kept encouraging me all the way as mentor and father, first by his kind and motivating words any time l have the rare opportunity to see him personally or talked with him on the phone. He is so positive and inspiring by telling me to aim for the top and for the best. Like a father, he once said to me “Otobo, you are meant for the international world” With these words, l started trusting God to take me to the global stage. True to his words, in 2015, the International Council on Archives, spotted me and gave me the only sponsorship ticket for Africa citizen to attend its international conference which held that year in Iceland and thereafter, opportunities for frequent travels abroad opened for me.

In 2021, l completed my PhD. studies in information resources management in Babcock University and many relevant professional certifications due to his unending spiritual, moral and financial support at all time.

I have never met a man who is so selfless, humble, god fearing, and a true philanthropist like him. I have lost counts of the number of times he has gifted me millions of naira to ensure that l and my family do not lack. His financial support to me and my family is overwhelming. As a father, he always looks out for our welfare and improvement in life.  

Surprised gift from him was helping my family set up a school in 2019. He called me and said “Otobo, someday you will retire, and you need something to fall back on” He gave us all the financial support and moral backing to make it work and to the glory of God, my family have a modern and thriving school located in Ajah area in Lagos.

His impacts and contributions in my life and family is indescribable and immeasurable and that is why l call him “daddy”. Dr. Ola Adebogun is a very good and caring daddy indeed. He is a man that can best be described as diligent leader with the wisdom of King Solomon, boldness and forthrightness of Apostle Paul, Philosophy of Socrates & Aristotle, management skills of Peter Drucker, educationist per excellence like Horace Mann.  He has offered scholarships to countless Nigerians from different geopolitical zones to acquire education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels respectively.

Meeting Dr. Ola Adebogun is the game-changer for me and my family.

Elvis Efe Otobo, PhD. arpa, iaa, anipr, mipra, a idm, fcbmp.

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