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Festival Internasional Kreol to be held in a revisited format, announces Minister Teeluck

The government has agreed to enable artists who participated in the Festival Internasional Kreol editions of 2019 and 2020 to perform in a revisited format of the festival, in a bid to support them. Artists will thus be able to perform in-camera at the Serge Constantin Theatre from the third week of January 2022.

The Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Mr Avinash Teeluck, made this announcement, this afternoon, in his office in Port Louis.

Minister Teeluck highlighted that performances of artists will be recorded and broadcasted on social media platforms and on television

Minister Teeluck highlighted that performances of artists will be recorded and broadcast on social media platforms and on television. This initiative, he observed, mainly aims at providing artists with a form of remuneration for their performances.

He underlined that a mechanism will soon be worked out and put in place so as to effect payment of a total amount of Rs 7,2 million, which has been earmarked for the implementation of this revised format of the festival. More than 800 artists from a wide range of disciplines are expected to participate in the festival next year, he added.

The Minister also indicated that from the end of next week, agreements will be signed and 50% of the allocated sum will be disbursed. He stated that the remaining 50% will be paid to artists following their performances.

Furthermore, Mr Teeluck recalled that due to sanitary protocols this year following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival Internasional Kreol, which remains a platform for artists to express their talent and which is above all a source of income for many artists at the end of year period, could not be organised.

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Minister further underscored that since last year, the creative sector has been penalised due to the COVID-19 pandemic and several cultural events, such as concerts among others, could not be held. This, he added, consequently represented a shortfall for the artist community, which is why the Government, through various schemes, came forward with measures to support artists financially.

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