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Sudan Daily Noon Briefing Highlights

The UN is concerned at the looting of three World Food Programme (WFP) warehouses in El Fashar, North Darfur. Over the course of several days starting 28 December, three WFP warehouses have been looted by armed perpetrators joined by some element of the local population.

The three warehouses contained some 5,300 MT of food and therapeutic nutrition supplies destined for distribution to the most vulnerable in North Darfur. WFP has announced that activities in North Darfur will be suspended until further notice. The suspension could affect close to 2 million people. WFP has another four warehouses in four locations in Kebkabiya, Kutum, and Sortony in the state.

While no injuries or deaths were reported and all WFP staff are accounted for and safe, it is imperative that humanitarian assets and personnel be protected from such egregious actions.

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