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De Renaissance Patriots Urge Immediate Government Action on Lagos Environmental Crisis Before It’s Too Late

The rains have started its annual rituals, flooding is once again rearing its head especially in Lagos Island and some other parts of the state, noticeably Lekki Phase I. The perennial all-year flooding in Lagos Island around Ojo/Anikantamo axis has not receded. We ask the Lagos State Government what exactly are they doing to resolve this matter of flooding and drainage blockade (seriously) for once?

It is concerning to us in De Renaissance Patriots Foundation that the environmental implications of this pending disaster and imminent flood related problem are not being properly mitigated, otherwise it will not be an every year scary situation that has disrupted lives, commerce and health of our people in these affected areas .

Do we really have a government, apart from state actors who use every situation, disasters inclusive for photo ops?

We ask the government to save the loss of our beloved ‘Homeland’, Lagos Island our place of birth, of inestimate values and memories, a place demanding the goodwill from governments across the globe from ‘sinking’ if a permanent solution is not found.

We write, knowing fully well that there existed natural causes like the flat terrain of the area but more importantly human interventions in the area arising from the earlier reclamation efforts around the Island, construction of the Third Mainland Bridge and the Adeniji-Adele Road.

It is equally disarming that with all these obvious disadvantages, the construction of the Ilubirin Housing Scheme was allowed to happen without giving thoughts to its vast impact on the environment or at least initiating adequate methods to address issues arising.

As it is here and in some other areas of the state including the Lekki/Ajah axis, unmitigated reclamation of land without a reclamation policy and adequate policy thrusts remain condemnable and it is another factor responsible for the problems.

The signs are not good and inspite the availability of solutions within the armbit of government, our people are allowed to continue to witness the shame of impending environmental disaster.

We question the motives of government for doing nothing.

Are they going to allow our ‘homelands’ to sink and indigenes ripped off of humongous amount of money from tepid attempts at addressing the issues or are they going to actually sit down and do the job for which they were voted for.

We demand immediate action from government and request it to address our concerns. DO IT RIGHT.

The misadventure of Ilubirin Scheme and its consequential effects on our people cannot be swept under the carpet So, we demand that senseless land reclamation must be addressed. You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul. As we judge our heroes past in glowing lights, posterity may judge these set of state actors negatively if no positive action is taken.

Our call is to both government and people, let’s interrogate ourselves and see how effective we could be. Let’s protect our rights and environment.

The Lagos State House of Assembly, the Oba of Lagos need not be told that lack of public outcry is taken as being compliant with the lack lustre attitude on issues affecting our people.

Furthermore, we note with all seriousness that the regular admonition of our people, traders etc al by leaders and government to stop dumping waste in the gutter, may just be one of the major factors causing flooding and drainage blockage. As it is now, the water has nowhere to go. Create that access into the lagoon and stop water from the lagoon from coming inside.

We also mention specifically the ongoing huge reclamation and drainage going on in park view estate which is pulling sand off existing and flooding the whole of the axis and demand a restraint.

In summary, we fault the actions taken so far as ineffective, wasteful and want more to be done

Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele

Yomi Tokosi
Secretary General

Monday July 1 2024.

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