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Familiarize Self With COVID-19 Vocabularies

 PANDEMIC  – (noun) when an epidemic spreads throughout the world.
 CONTAGIOUS – able to be passed from one person to another
 OUTBREAK – a sudden increase in something negative (eg. Disease,  war)
 QUARANTINE – a period or a state of isolation to prevent the spread of infection.
 LOCKDOWN  – a situation in which people are not allowed to leave or enter.
 COVIDIOT – a stupid person stubbornly ignores social distancing protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19
EPIDEMIC – Outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many individuals at the same time.
BLURSDAY – (noun) a specified day because of the lockdown’s disorienting effect on time.
FLATTEN THE CURVE – (verb) slow the spread of a virus to reduce the peak number of cases and related demands on hospitals’ infrastructures.
SUPER SPREADER – (noun) person infected with a virus who transmits or spreads it to an unusually large number of people.
 WFH – work from home
WFO – work from the office
 CARRIER – (noun) a person or animal that transmits a disease to others, whether suffering from it themselves or not.
 PATIENT ZERO – (noun) the person identified as the first to become infected with a disease in an outbreak.
 SPRING BROKE – that week in April which you still can’t leave the house and have no money anyway.
Also ‘broke’ relates to potential breakdown under such circumstances.
 STAY HOME – For the sake of your and your community’s health please stay home
 INCUBATION PERIOD – the time from a person’s first exposure to a disease to the when symptoms develop
 SUPER SPREADER – individual who is highly contagious and capable of transmitting disease
 ENDEMIC – a disease or condition regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.
CORONACUT – a haircut you give yourself during the coronavirus pandemic because the non – essential barbershops are closed
 PPE – personal protective equipment
INFECTIOUS – able to pass disease from one person, animal, or plant to another
 CONTRACT  – to catch or become I’ll with a disease
 IMMUNE SYSTEM – the cells and tissues in the body make it able to protect itself against infection
 QUARANTINE  – the cocktail people drink at home while under quarantine. Also led to the trend of ‘ virtual happy hour’.
CAREMONGERING – spreading kindness and love to help the lonely, anxious as vulnerable
 DOOMSCROLLING – obsessively scrolling for updates on the pandemic- even though there’s no good news.
 ZOONOTIC – used to refer to a disease that can spread from animals to humans.
 RAMP UP  – increase
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