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Guinea: COVID-19 Situation Report No. 8 (13 to 26 May 2020)

As of 26 May 2020, there were 3,358 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Guinea, up from 2,298 two weeks earlier. To date, 1,783 recoveries and 20 deaths have been recorded in care centres in the country.

The curfew has been lifted for the countryside and relaxed for the city of Conakry and its environs (Coyah and Dubreka, each located fifty kilometres from Conakry). All other control measures taken by the Guinean government remain in place until further notice.

In terms of continuity of basic social services, UNICEF is supporting the Government in ensuring that this academic year is not void, especially for students in examination classes. UNICEF is also supporting the development of messaging for social mobilisers undertaking outreach communication activities on the continuity of health services in the country’s 38 health districts.

With contributions from UNICEF, the National Health Security Agency (ANSS) issued a national guide on medical, nutritional and psychosocial support to people infected with or affected by COVID-19, including children.

Situation in Numbers

3,358 COVID-19 Confirmed cases

20 deaths

2,900,460 Children affected by COVID-19 school closures

US$ 17,811,858 Funding GAP

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