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IPoB Suspends Kingsley Kanu Indefinitely For These Reasons

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The IPoB has placed Mr Kingsley Kanu, also known as Kanunta, the younger brother of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the organization’s leader, on indefinite administrative vacation.

Kingsley Kanu was charged with a number of offenses and anti-IPoB acts that the leadership of IPOB said were intended to defame the combined organization in Germany.

Mr Kingsley Kanu, also known as Kanunta, the younger brother of IPoB’s leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was placed on indefinite suspension for alleged infractions and anti-IPoB activities that were “intended to bring the united organization in Germany into contempt.”

The iPoB’s Germany branch’s National Coordinator, Mr Collins Chinedu, released a statement on Monday with the headline “Suspension of IPoB membership of Mr Kingsley Kanu, alias Kanunta” that the pro-Briafa group used to make their point.”

They further alleged that he has been using his affiliation to IPoB’s worldwide leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, “to an unmerited super advantage and placing himself above every IPoB rules and discipline guiding the group”.

IPoB’s statement read: “We, the principal servants of IPoB in Germany, wish to bring to the attention of all IPoB family members worldwide the series of anti-IPoB activities of Mr. Kingsley Kanu, which were aimed at bringing the united IPoB family in Germany to disrepute and, by extension, disorganizing the larger IPoB family worldwide.”

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“Mr Kingsley Kanu, also known as Kanunta, has been using his affiliation to our worldwide leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to an unmerited advantage and has been placing himself above every IPoB, rule, and discipline guiding IPoB in Germany and worldwide.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Kingsley Kanu is an ordinary unit member of IPoB in Landsberg AM Lech, Germany.

“The following are some of his offences in violation of laid down principles.

“Firstly, Kinsley Kanu has been in the constant habit of flagrantly flouting every IPoB code of conduct, thereby seeing himself above the laws and often throwing every decency to the winds.”

“Secondly, he has been reporting fellow, very hard-working IPoB members to the German Criminal Police contrary to the IPoB’s Code of Conduct and violation of his oath to IPoB.

“He has been issuing orders to his superior officers in the hierarchy of IPoB without the approval of the IPoB leadership, just as imposing and parading an expelled IPoB member as the new National Coordinator in Germany, with the sole intent to cause division within the existing IPoB structure in Germany.

“He has been ordering his purported National Coordinator in Germany to create another principal servants forum through which IPoB members are being lobbied to join his illegal group and to attend a series of his illegally organized online meetings.

“Mr Kingsley Kanu must understand that the struggle itself is beyond family affairs.

“The IPoB in Germany is a registered non-profit organization under German laws, and he must therefore be reminded that further violations of IPoB’s Code of Conduct, will have serious legal consequences.”

“In view of the above-listed infractions and anti-IPoB activities carried out by Mr Kingsley Kanu, the IPoB leadership in Germany hereby unanimously suspends him indefinitely from the family of IPoB in Germany led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with effect from 21st of January 2023.

“Any member of the IPoB family worldwide who chooses to deal or take orders from him on behalf of IPoB worldwide is doing so at his or her own peril.”

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