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Nationals in Cairo Conduct Seminar

At a seminar conducted on 26 December, Eritrean nationals residing in Cairo, Egypt expressed readiness to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in the success of the national development and resilience programs.

Speaking at the seminar, the Eritrean Ambassador to Egypt, Mr Fasil Gebreslasie underlining the timeliness of the resilience programs in the prevailing era called for strong participation and contribution of nationals.

Indicating that the timely national programs include developmental, national security, political, diplomatic, as well as information and cultural programs, Ambassador Fasil gave a detailed briefing on each subject.

Extensive briefing on the objective national situation, regional as well as international developments was also provided, the report indicated.

Participants, finally, expressing their readiness to strengthen participation in the success of the national programs called for enhanced awareness-raising campaigns toward the youth abroad.

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