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Kumuyi Exhorts Nigerian Youth To Stand Out Among Nations

Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, stated on Friday that if properly trained and equipped, Nigerian youth will stand out among other countries.

Young people, in his opinion, represent a critical mass that can make Nigeria stand out, but in order to do so, they must be led and given the proper values.

In Abuja, he participated virtually in a press conference held prior to the international children’s and teenagers’ convocation that Kumuyi and Global Crusade jointly organized.

Pastor William Kumuyi believes that young people are a crucial component of Nigeria’s future success.

Therefore, he emphasized how crucial it is to identify young individuals early and instil the proper principles in them.

Nobody is born a surgeon, engineer, achiever, or valiant soldier. We’ll all begin at the bottom, Kumuyi said.

Kumuyi’s view was shared by the FCT Overseer of DCLM, Pastor Elijah Adebiyi, who said that children and teens between the ages of 5 and 19 were welcome to attend the convocation.

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Pastor William Kumuyi said that it would give young people a venue for interaction with one another and instruction from knowledgeable instructors.

In the words of Adebiyi, “We believe that young people are the future, and we want to invest in them.”

“This is a critical mass of Nigerians who, if we catch them young by instilling in them spiritual, academic, and moral qualities, may make our country stand out,

“The children and teenagers convocation is an opportunity for young people to gather and learn from experienced teachers who are committed to giving them the right values and skills to succeed in life,” says the organization.

The Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja will host the international children and teens convocation from May 11 to May 14.

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