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Currently, Emefiele Is Not With Us – DSS, But Video Shows Emefiele Being Taken Away By DSS, Says IPC Justice

The Department of State Services (DSS) has stated that Godwin Emefiele, the suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), is not under their custody.

DSS said in its tweet: “Currently, Emefiele Is Not With Us”

It was gathered  that after Emefiele’s suspension was announced on Friday, there arose a trending video showing Emefiele being taking away by officers with the DSS uniform.

However, the DSS promptly addressed the situation through a brief statement shared on Twitter on Saturday morning, asserting that the suspended CBN governor is presently not being held in detention.

However, in the reply of IPC Justice @ipcjustice to the DSS tweet which claimed that Godwin Emefiele is not presently in their custody said the DSS has not been consistent in dissemination of information.

According to the IPC, the video making the round on social media revealed how the DSS was being taking Emefiele away.

IPC tweets read: “The DSS’s statement that Emefiele is not in their custody does not appear to be consistent with the video that was circulated on social media.

“The video shows Emefiele being taken into custody by men who were wearing DSS uniforms. The DSS has not offered any explanation for the discrepancy between the video and their statement.

“The DSS’s lack of transparency is concerning. The agency is funded by public money, and it has a responsibility to be accountable to the public.

“The DSS’s actions in this case have raised questions about its motives and its commitment to upholding the rule of law.

‘The Nigerian public deserves to know what is happening in this case. The DSS needs to come clean and explain why Emefiele was taken into custody. The agency also needs to explain why it has been so secretive about its actions.

“The DSS’s behavior in this case is a reminder of the need for strong oversight of security agencies. The Nigerian government needs to put in place measures to ensure that security agencies are accountable to the public.


“The government also needs to ensure that security agencies are not used to intimidate or harass political opponents.

“The situation surrounding Emefiele is a serious one. The DSS’s actions have raised serious questions about the rule of law in Nigeria. The Nigerian government needs to take steps to ensure that the DSS is held accountable for its actions.”


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