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Employment and labour mega blitz inspection update- Limpopo

The Department of Employment and Labour: Limpopo Province’s mega blitz inspections continued in all the districts of the province and several establishments were found to be non-complying with labour legislation.


The mega blitz inspections started on Monday, 28 February 2022, focusing on Hospitality and Road Freight and Logistics sectors and will conclude this Friday.

The inspector General, Aggy Moiloa joined the inspections from yesterday, 02 March 2022 till Friday. She will lead the inspection team that will be conducting inspections in and around Polokwane. Other departmental inspection teams are spread across the province’s other four districts.

“Our inspections are not meant to ambush or punish employers but, to assist them to comply with our laws. This is why we inform them in advance so they prepare and avail all the requested documents”; said Moiloa.

The inspections uncovered noncompliance in as far as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Unemployment Insurance Act and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. Up to so far, 64 contravention notices have been issued.

Among issues uncovered were, a bar without an emergency exit, poor air circulation in a laundry, serviced fire hydrants, unavailable risk assessment plans, lack of warning signage, unkempt worker restrooms and several other issues.

The inspections are continuing today and the Inspector General will be visiting establishments in and around Polokwane whilst others will be continuing in other districts around the province.

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