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Ethiopia: Notification Note on COVID-19 Situational Update – 9th June


The total laboratory tests conducted within 21 hours are 4599: of this one-hundred-ninety (190) of them are confirmed positive for COVID-19 and the total confirmed cases as of today are 2336. Among the confirmed cases, 135 of them are male and 55 are female and their age ranges from 1 to 89 years. All of the confirmed cases are Ethiopian citizens. Among the cases, one-hundred-fifty-three (153) of them are identified from Addis Ababa, sixteen (16) from Oromia region, ten (10) from Amhara region, three (3) from Harari, three (3) from the Somali region, three (3) from SNNPR region and two (2) from Tigray.

Correction: it’s with apologies we correct that among the cases announced on yesterday’s notification update ten (10) of the cases have already been reported. These cases are in treatment center and the laboratory test was done as a follow-up test. Therefore, the total cases confirmed yesterday are One-Hundred-Twenty-Six (126).

Unfortunately, five Ethiopians have passed away related to COVID-19. This brings the total death related to COVID-19 in our country to thirty-two (32). We would like to pass our condolences to the families. The details of the deaths are presented below:

1Addis AbabaMale42He was in the treatment center
2Addis AbabaMale40He was in the treatment center
3Addis AbabaFemale32Sample taken from dead body
4Addis AbabaMale40Sample taken from dead body
5Addis AbabaFemale85She was in the health faciity

Furthermore, eighteen (18) people (11 from Addis Ababa, 5 from Amhara region and 2 from Somali region) recovered from the disease bringing the total number of recoveries 379.

It should be understood that the numbers of cases that gets reported daily are not only numbers. Behind these numbers, there is a great deal of fear and sadness for many of their families and friends. You may be distressed and sad because you have not visited your family for long time, have not attended a funeral of your loved ones, have not been at a wedding, have not visited your friends or relatives, or have not spent time with them. You have done all that to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19, once all of this is over you will see them again. Therefore, let’s act responsibly as our action affects the prevention and consequences of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Situational Update as of Today

Total laboratory test conducted152,334
Laboratory tests conducted within 24 hours4,599
Number of confirmed cases within 24 hours190
Total patients of COVID-19 in the treatment centers1923
Patients in intensive care32
Newly recovered18
Total recovered379
Total deaths32
Returned to their country2
Total confirmed cases as of today2,336

The laboratory samples were collected from the high-risk community members, returnees/passengers at mandatory quarantine centers, contacts of the confirmed cases, health facility visitors and suspects at isolation centers.

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