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Govts Must Ensure Citizens’ Right To Health, Support The Vulnerable – Amnesty International


Amnesty International (AI) has urged the governments to act fast in the face of the deadly coronavirus to ensure citizens’ rights to health and also support the most vulnerable in our societies.

In a release, its Head of Economic and Social Justice, Steve Cockburn said: ”Governments must act to ensure our right to health, and support the most vulnerable in our societies.”

According to Cockburn, censorship and discrimination have no place in the fight against this virus.

He added that Amnesty International will stay vigilant to denounce the abuse and violation of human rights wherever they occur.

Cockburn lamented that hundreds of thousands of people have been infected worldwide by the coronavirus (Covid-19), and the virus is rapidly spreading.

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Moreover, in its contribution to stem the tide of spreading the virus, AI suggested six things you can do.

Share something hopeful and positive on your social networks, it can be a good news story you found online or a video of people showing solidarity during the pandemic. Remember to tag your social media posts using #CoronaKindness so we can see them too.

Take some time to explore our Human Rights Academy where you can find numerous free human rights courses, from freedom of expression to staying safe online.

Get involved in and sign a petition.

Learn from our YouTube channel, where you’ll find a series of tutorials where we digested some serious human rights issues for you.

Help others with technology and social media, if you’re good at it. Or maybe you can find reliable sources and advice online and share it with them, like information from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Show solidarity and care for others.

Most importantly, remember to stay safe. Together we’re strong!


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