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How Lagos State Taskforce, LASTMA Trick Drivers To Pass BRT Lane And Arrest Them


Having succeeded to successfully arrested and auctioned 44 vehicles that violated traffic rules in Lagos, the Lagos State task force has devised another means of arresting BRT lane and one-way defaulters.

A vehicle owner who spoke to TheCheer Monday decried the crafty means the tasks forces were going around to set traps in the way of other drivers to lure them violate traffic rules.

He said: “My experience this morning at 6.20 shows that Lagos State task force is out to generate money for the State my luring drivers to pass BRT lane when there is traffic.

“The Task Force who drove in a sienna uncustomized bus passed through the BRT lane under the Maryland Bridge.

“As soon as other drivers who were in the traffic jam saw it, they followed suit.

“Then the sienna bus stopped suddenly and the policemen in the vehicle came down from the bus and entered the vehicles lining up behind them.

“Of course they knew the road was bad at that particular place. This is really bad. I felt pity for the victims.”

Besides,  another driver of private a car also added that some members of LASTMA official do same by ordering vehicles to pass through the unauthorized lane during a traffic jam, knowing full well that the task force is ahead to arrest the vehicles.

This is really unfair, coming from the Lagos State Government who seeks to make the state a pacesetter for excellence. Even if the state wants to generate money, this crook means is unsavoury for a state.

However, drivers are enjoined not to fall into this unwholesome devices from the Lagos State task force.

The Lagos State Government should also realize that these are hard times and tensions are already here and avoid what will trigger violence in the land.

Recall that tears from vehicle owners flow freely last week when the Lagos government auctioned 44 vehicles for traffic offences.

During the auctioning, a car owner said: “My heart bled seeing my car auctioned in my presence. I tried bidding, but each time I bid, there was always someone adding N100, 000 to my offer. That was how I lost my car, which was auctioned for N1.2 million.” These were the words of a former owner of Toyota Corolla 2003 model whose car was auctioned yesterday.
It was mixed feelings for car owners and bidders as the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences auctioned 44 vehicles forfeited to the Lagos State Government for traffic offences.
Offenders had arrived with the expectations to bid for their vehicles and get their cars back at an affordable price but they were shocked to meet a crowd of businessmen, ready with cash to also bid for the seized vehicles.

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