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BREAKING: India Develops Software that Identifies COVID-19 Patients, Diagnose and Manages


Director and CTO, GIS Engineer at North-South India PVT Limited, India, Dr Srikanth Manthripragada has said that with the development of Coronavirus Emergency Response Platform in India, anyone with COVID-19 could be tracked, monitored, diagnosed and managed.

The Capacity of Coronavirus Emergency Response Platform

Speaking to TheCheer News, Nigeria,  Dr Manthripragada added that the Coronavirus Emergency Response Platform has the capacity to communicate, collaborate and prevent the impact of coronavirus on people.

Having tested the innovation in India and discovered the potentials, he said: ”Coronavirus emergency response platform is an end to end solution for monitoring, managing, tracking, diagnosing, communicating, collaborating and preventing the impact of coronavirus.”

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Explaining the potentialities of the platform, Dr Manthripragada said the platform comes with Command and Control Center that could be used by the State and Central Government to monitor, collaborate, educate, contain and predict the COVID-19 spread.

Command and Control Centre and Geographic Information System   

”Command and Control centre and Geographic Information System, GIS-based dashboard is the key component that helps visualize the COVID-19 spread at the macro-level and if required drill down further to understand the micro-level situation i.e. analysis from state to the district to the county and even to the patients who have COVID-19 infection.

The Operator of Command Centre Perform Situational Analysis

”Moreover, the operator handling the command centre will be able to perform situational analysis and ascertain what resources can be moved swiftly to contain any outbursts.

”For example, if an infection cluster is noticed then notifications can be sent to the health workers near the cluster to contain the spread.

”If necessary the contact tracing can be visualized to understand the possibility of the spread. Below is the dashboard link to monitor India up to date COVID19 spread situation.”

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