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Jeremeeh Kousse collections: Tales from the Savannah 7

By Jeremeeh Kousse.
Jeremeeh Kousse is a playwright. A storyteller and a comedian.
He is also a crypto researcher.

From his collections: Tales from the Savannah 7

Once upon a time, in a vibrant kingdom filled with lush fields and thriving farms, there were two sister hens named Mary and Jane. Born to the same parents, they grew up side by side, sharing everything life had to offer. Their bond was unbreakable, and together, they built a farm that was the envy of all the birds in the kingdom.

Mary and Jane did everything together. They started successful businesses, managed their farm with meticulous care, and shared meals under the bright sun. Their farm was the most secure and cleanest in the whole kingdom, a testament to their hard work and unity. Their chicks were numerous and healthy, and their days were filled with the joyous clucking of their growing families.

While stories of missing chicks plagued neighboring farms, Mary and Jane’s farm remained untouched by such misfortunes. Their chicks thrived, and their eggs were safe, thanks to the secure environment they had created. Many birds envied them, admiring their harmony and success.

However, not everyone shared in this admiration. Jackie, a cunning and wicked fox, saw the sisters’ success and unity as an opportunity for his own gain. He devised a ruse to create discord between Mary and Jane. Whispering lies and sowing seeds of suspicion, he gradually drove a wedge between the once inseparable sisters.

Distrust grew, and the harmony that once defined their relationship was shattered. The sisters quarreled and fought, each convinced the other was to blame for the troubles that seemed to arise. Finally, they decided to separate, each establishing their own farm. A large pit was dug between their lands, and a tall wall was built, symbolizing the divide that had grown between their hearts.

Jackie’s plan was working perfectly. Under the cover of night, he exploited the disunity, sneaking onto their farms to steal eggs and chicks. Each night, his belly grew fuller while the sisters’ farms suffered.

One fateful night, a little orphaned duckling, ugly in appearance but pure of heart, happened to see Jackie sneaking away with a crate of eggs. The duckling let out a loud, piercing scream that echoed across the kingdom. The noise awakened the entire kingdom, and everyone rushed to the scene.

Caught red-handed, Jackie the Fox was swiftly arrested. He was judged and, as a consequence of his wickedness, banished to wander the lands far from the kingdom. The little duckling, whose bravery had saved the day, was rewarded with a farm of its own.

Seeing the truth and realizing how they had been manipulated, Mary and Jane reconciled. The wall and the pit were filled, and the sisters once again united their farms. They promised each other never to let distrust come between them again, and their bond grew stronger than ever. They learned the invaluable lesson of trust and the importance of standing together against adversity.

From that day forward, Mary and Jane’s farm flourished even more, becoming a symbol of resilience and unity in the kingdom. And the little duckling, now a respected farmer, often visited his two dear friends, reminding everyone that courage and honesty always prevail.

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