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Jeremeeh Kousse collections: Tales from the Savannah 8

By Jeremeeh Kousse.

Jeremeeh Kousse is a playwright. A storyteller and a comedian.
He is also a crypto researcher.

From his collections: Tales from the Savannah 8.

In the heart of a mist-shrouded village nestled by the winding curves of a river, there lived an ancient sage, known simply as Odamu. Odamu, at the venerable age of 156, was a relic from another era. He spoke in a strange tongue, a language known only to him and three others in the village. This language, rich with history and power, carried secrets from forgotten times and lost kingdoms.

One day, a young and beautiful maiden named Bineta arrived at Odamu’s humble abode. Her eyes sparkled with a mix of desperation and determination. She had fallen deeply in love with a man named Mr. Jameson, a 45-year-old businessman who seemed ordinary to those around him. Yet, Bineta knew there was something extraordinary about him. Her heart longed to possess him, not just in love but in binding magic.

Mr. Jameson, unbeknownst to himself, was the last descendant of an ancient and noble lineage that stretched back to the Egyptian court, predating even Ramses I. His true title was Nubis, King of the Bami Ekenubis, a lineage that carried the weight of priesthood, kingship, and prophetic sight. For decades, the Bami people had suffered under the rule of an impostor king, leaving their village in stagnation for forty long years.

Bineta’s plea to Odamu was simple but sinister: she wanted to bewitch Mr. Jameson and imprison him, binding his heart to hers forever. Odamu, with his eyes clouded by age yet sharp with wisdom, saw through her intentions. He knew that true love could never be forced and that the powers at play were beyond Bineta’s understanding. He warned her that such magic would bring her nothing but misery and that Mr. Jameson, though unaware of his heritage, was protected by the spirits of his ancestors.

Determined to have her way, Bineta sought out a dubious jujuman who claimed he could help her. He gave her a charm and instructed her on a dark ritual to trap Mr. Jameson’s spirit inside a bottle. However, the ritual failed spectacularly. Mr. Jameson remained untouched, and the backlash of the attempted enchantment haunted Bineta for the rest of her days.

It was during this turmoil that Odamu called Mr. Jameson to his side. Speaking in the ancient tongue, he revealed the truth of Jameson’s lineage. The words resonated within Mr. Jameson, awakening the dormant power and knowledge of his ancestors. He learned of his true identity as Nubis, King of the Bami Ekenubis, and with this revelation came the realization of his responsibilities.

As he embraced his destiny, Mr. Jameson felt a surge of ancient power. He began to understand the profound depth of his heritage, and with Odamu’s guidance, he reclaimed his rightful place as the leader of the Bami people. The village, long oppressed and stagnant, began to flourish once more under his just and wise rule.

Bineta, having failed in her quest to bind Mr. Jameson, faded into the shadows, burdened by the consequences of her actions. The karma of her misdeeds lingered, a constant reminder of the path she had chosen.

And so, the tale of Mr. Jameson, the last king of the Bami Ekenubis, became a legend in the village. His story was recounted by Odamu, the old sage, in his strange, melodic tongue. It served as a reminder that true power lies not in force, but in understanding and embracing one’s true self and heritage.


Due to my religious convictions, I do not believe in life after death ,magic,or destiny. This story is purely fictional and intended solely for theatrical purposes.

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