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Ministry of Petroleum launches first oil licensing round


The Ministry of Petroleum (MoP) of the Republic of South Sudan has launched the country’s first Oil Licensing Round.

The MoP has identified new exploration blocks with potential hydrocarbons and has compiled crucial data to provide to interested investors, operators and counterparties.

According to the new analysis commissioned by the Ministry, approximately 90% of South Sudan’s oil and gas reserves remain unexplored, providing unprecedented opportunities to international investors.

The Oil Licensing Round aims to attract interest from a diverse group of foreign investors to a region that is already home to oil and gas majors from China and Malaysia.

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The country is hoping to welcome back experienced partners and operators following significant progress in returning to peace and stability. With the new data, analysis, and governance mechanisms, the Ministry seeks to attract high-quality investors and partners.

This bidding round is for a number of selected blocks, which will be facilitated and evaluated based on set criteria by the MoP.

The available blocks are shown on the map and range between 4,000 and 25,000km2, with most comprising between 15,000 and 20,000 km2.

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