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‘Oshiomole, Tinubu Deserve No Humiliation From Northern Cabals But Celebration’


It’s essential we learn to build attitudinal legacy to guide the young generation, it seems people Careless about attitudinal legacies but Caremore for structural legacy.

The incidence today become a precedence and reference for judgement tomorrow and in future hence our political elites must put up their thinking cap and look inwardly in setting good attitudinal legacy.

The globe is aware that Southerners most importantly the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu political empire from the South did the wonderful and magical repackaging of unelectable personality in General Muhammadu Buhari.

And Religion Sections label Tag on Baba which was turned around by the tireless effort and modern days political approach, marketing and packaging of Asiwaju and his team mostly from the southern part of the country. They made the 3 failed attempts of GMB a successful one in 2015 on 4th occasion.

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The consistency and real progressive government ideology exhibited by defunct ACN led state in South West and South-South convinced Nigerian and sealed their faith/believe in the new alliance called APC which produced the first president from the opposition party who defeated incumbent for the first time in Nigeria political history.

The unimpressive performance of change regime in first tenure 2015-2019 can still be traced to the Tactical excuse of the Asiwaju from the think tank team where his relevance was reduced and replace by South West 5, (The Members of Political Empire Turn Opposition within the fold) in a humiliating manner.

Even though I frown at the immediate payback system Asiwaju launched on the 5 Southern Stars when he was called back to the power table by producing the National Chairman of the party who denied all the 5 Start opportunities to produce their successors and returning ticket respectively. Because as his title implies, Asiwaju, he should be more accommodating, tolerant and forgives yet its in-house affairs that can be resolve in one family meeting.

This incitement between Asiwaju and his political empires in South was unarguably fueled and engineer by some northern cabal within the presidency who are envious of Asiwaju brilliancy and possible dominance in Buhari Government then and resolved to excuse the leading figure of Change Mantra, whose pedigree and personality was almost destroyed for allying with the Northerner against his fellow southerner after 2015 election victory.

Asiwaju benefited less compare to his contribution to the GMB/PYO project while the onlookers during the struggle milk more in the Change Government. What an Injustice

The inevitable political master planners and chief strategist, the magical philanthropist, builder of men and structure, the unarguable leader of leaders. The Jagaban of Nigeria Politics duties and role emerged in the ruling party, none of the temporary replacing Southern 5 could fit into the role hence the Asiwaju of Bogu Kingdom was recalled when the presidency conclude plan to seek reelection and realised he remains the best to help the project.

His unconditional resumption of work should convince the Northern oligarchy in the ruling party of his sincerity and loyalty to the same party he co-founded and funds.

Hence for posterity sake, they must shed their sword and run after him not anymore nor try to deny him the benefit of his effort and proceed of his political investment in Next Level agenda.

The choice of Comr Adams Oshiomole by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed to champion APC through the re-election bid despite woeful performance in the first term in office in the face of obvious failure.

And cancellation of numerous promised which are yet to be fulfilled to Nigerians till tomorrow and the unprecedented manipulative and political gimmicks introduced by Adams Oshiomole led NWC should send strong signals to the bone marrow of the Northern cabals that Tinubu and his team must be respected, appreciated and celebrated for they are expert in modern-day Nigeria politics.

The Osun State and Ekiti State Guber victory remain a miracle. The retainment of Kano despite Gandollar scandal, the defeat of only the longest surviving political dynasty in Kwara and reduction of the overbearing influence of Governors in party affairs which birthed introduction of direct primary.

And wide marginal victory recorded by president Buhari and APC against his northern brother the closest rival Alh Atiku Abubakar of PDP in 2019 poll are credits Comr Oshiomole led NWC must be appreciated for in the party leadership performance rating though not ethical to celebrate insane climb and mature democratic arena.

Moving to excuse Tinubu again in Next Level agenda will spell doom for the ruling party if not reconsidered. The move has commence and perceived by Nigerian immediately FIRS Babatunde fowler was replaced.

Coming for Oshiomole position of National Chairman of the ruling party this early further amplify the plot to reduce Asiwaju Relevance in the Government ahead of 2023 Race.

The presidential ticket promised to be zone to the south by the APC can be honourably renegotiated if circumstances warrants, southerners are reasonable people who understand and respect political ethics and values to the core.

Stop hitting the polity unnecessarily, halt inciting brothers and leaders against each other in the South, the southerners are benefactors of PMB and northern region politically and they should be appreciated and celebrated not humiliated.

The consequences of little Franca caused by the same cabal who set Southern 5 against Asiwaju after 2015 is tactically the same mechanism employed by setting Governor of Edo, His Deputy and other against Comr Oshiomole all to cut shot Asiwaju influence in the party he suffers to build.

One could have expect Presidency to set in and intervene in the crisis long before now if its not a calculated attempt and deliberate plot.

Stop the humiliation, Tinubu, Comr Adams and the Entire Southern Nigerian don’t deserve this antics, they are key to your success story who you must appreciate.

If 2023 Presidency zoning to the South is no longer convenient for the cabals, call for renegotiation of the interest terms and condition not unsettling political dust and destabilising the entire South to take off the ticket.

Be Democratic and civil, don’t pay good with bad again

Engr (Comr) S A Lukman#AIG
Concern Nigerian

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