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UAE Sends Medical Aid To Congo In Fight Against COVID-19

The UAE today sent an aid plane carrying six metric tons of medical supplies to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Countries must join forces to bolster the global campaign against the pandemic

The aid will assist approximately 6,000 medical professionals as they work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the aid delivery, Hazza Mohammed Al Qahtani, UAE Ambassador to Rwanda, remarked, “The provision of aid today by the UAE underscores our deep partnership with the Congo, which forms a significant part of the fight against COVID-19 in Africa.”

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“Countries must join forces to bolster the global campaign against the pandemic, and the UAE is proud to support the thousands of healthcare professionals around the world who are working every day to put an end to this crisis,” he added.

To date, the UAE has sent over 646 metric tons of aid to 55 countries, supporting more than 646,000 medical professionals in the process.

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