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View Mother of 3 In Her 50 Looks Like Teenager


If I told you that this person in these photographs is 50 years old, you will hardly believe, but that is the truth.

The whole world who viewed her 50th birthday photograph on the internet comes to a conclusion that not only was she fearfully and wonderfully created, she also took her time to maintain herself.

Saida Ramirez is an American and a mother of three.

She was proud to display her birth certificate as evident for the doubting Thomases.

The birth certificate displayed May 5, 1970, and thus celebrated her golding age in grand style with aesthetics photographs that portrayed her as a girl in her twenties.

Some social media users have begun asking the mother of three how she has managed to maintain such stature and youthful glow till now.

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Photos of the beautiful lady were posted online on her 50th birthday, and fans can’t stop complimenting about how amazing she looks for a 50-year old woman.

Some others shared their photos to compare to hers while complementing her unaging physique. However, according to the lady, there’s nothing special about her routine, as her stature is just a gift from God.

Her date of birth certificate.


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