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Wari And Lycaremit Enter Strategic Partnership To Facilitate Cross-border Remittance

Wari, a global platform offering digital financial services, is partnering with Lycaremit to strengthen its global network; Lycaremit users will benefit from Wari’s highly secure network to access low-cost fund transfers across 30 African countries, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East; Services will be available online immediately, via WhatsApp Messenger and via a mobile app which is to be launched imminently.

Wari, a global platform offering digital financial services, and Lycaremit, a world leader in remittance and part of the multinational Lyca Group, have signed a strategic partnership that will strengthen and expand their global networks to provide access to money transfer services worldwide.

A pioneering platform, Wari has transformed the development of and access to financial services by offering tailored and convenient payments and solutions. Through its highly secure platform, Wari has built a network of more than 700,000 outlets around the world providing numerous channels for its customers to utilise.

The partnership between Lycaremit and Wari was born out of an ambition to create an integrated ecosystem comprising financial services, operations, and the facilitation of seamless cross border transactions. Lycaremit’s customers will benefit from Wari’s innovative platform which will enable Lyca to credit any bank account and mobile wallet. Wari will benefit from the increased engagement that Lyca’s global brand recognition will bring to its platform.

Wari is available via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wari App, Ussd and at Points Of Sale. Lycaremit’s services will be available online with immediate effect and the company will be launching a dedicated mobile app imminently.

Lycaremit is part of the Lyca Group, a British multinational of likeminded businesses that share the common goal of connecting people. Lycaremit provides affordable, reliable digital money transfers to more than 50 countries worldwide, and is constantly building upon its services to improve the lives of its customers.

Allirajah Subaskaran, Founder and Chairman of Lyca Group, said: “The Lyca Group was built to connect people around the world. We are committed to helping as many people as possible send money to friends and loved ones across borders. Through our partnership with Wari, we have an opportunity to better realize that vision.”

Kabirou Mbodje, CEO of Wari, said: “We partner with key players around the world to offer a global ecosystem to our customers. This agreement will provide more options to foreign communities who support their families back in their countries of origin and is aligned with our goal of ensuring that financial and digital services accessible to all.”

Lycaremit plans to roll out its services globally in the coming year, starting with Europe to meet growing demand on the continent for fast, reliable international money transfers.

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