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Portable Breaks Silence Over Mohbad’s Death

Popular street performer Portable has stepped forward in the wake of Mohbad’s terrible passing to express his sorrow and to communicate an important message to other musicians.

Remember how the tragic death of the rising singer recently left Nigeria’s thriving music industry in disbelief?

While sharing his views on the subject, Portable, known for his distinctive style and upbeat performances, thinks that death is an inevitable part of life. No one will escape death, he declared.

The sombre truth that everyone will eventually die is reflected in this philosophical viewpoint.

In a heartfelt video addressed to his fans, Portable urged fellow artistes to speak out when faced with pressure or intimidation. The artiste highlighted the importance of vocalizing concerns and seeking support during challenging times.

He emphasised that keeping quiet in such circumstances could result in one’s destiny being suppressed. “A closed mouth is a closed destiny,” he counselled.

Unexpected tragedies are not uncommon in the music business, and Mohbad’s sudden death has created a vacuum that will be challenging to fill.

Despite the sadness, a song by Mohbad reportedly received an astonishing 400,000 streams just 24 hours following word of his passing.

As a result, Portable took the chance to urge his followers to respect artists while they are still living. He reminded his fans how important it is to appreciate and help musicians while they are still alive.

Mohbad’s passing has left the Nigerian music scene in great mourning, and Portable’s remarks have a powerful impact on the sector.


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