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SUDAN: FG Provides Conditions For A New Evacuation

The Federal Government imposed limitations on a fresh evacuation of Nigerians who had been left behind in war-torn Sudan on Monday.

Abdulrahman Balogun, the spokesman for the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, informed the public of this.

In total, 2,518 evacuees from Nigeria flew from Sudan to Nigeria on 15 different aircraft.

According to reports, the final group of Nigerians flown from Port Sudan was the 15th flight on Saturday with 147 returnees from the country.

1,100 Nigerians who were trying to escape the insurgency in Sudan but ended up stuck at the Egyptian border were evacuated, while 1,418 more were evacuated from Port Sudan.

Abdulrahman Balogun provided a new report, saying there would be an effort to gather up those still stuck in Sudan.

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NiDCOM Evacuates Nigerians From Sudan

Balogun stated the requirements, “You have to get yourself to Port Sudan. You must be able to prove your Nigerian identity. You must have a residence or verifiable contact in Nigeria.

He continued by saying that the number of kids who emerged once the evacuation was almost complete increased from 26 to 200.

Abdulrahman Balogun said it was “concerning that the number from 26 grew to about 200.

Except for the few who emerged just as the drill was about to end, all kids who emerged had been evacuated.

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