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Available as of today, the new publication draws on nearly 40 years of experience chronicling the continent and the combined expertise of five confidential newsletters: West African Newsletter, The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Maghreb Confidential, Africa Energy Intelligence and Africa Mining Intelligence.

Guided by the same editorial line of the five publications on which it is built, Africa Intelligence now provides its readers with a single publication of fully exclusive coverage of national policymaking as well as key regional and continent-wide developments. This publication comes out every weekday at 5 a.m. GMT.

Africa-to-Africa economic, political and diplomatic relations as well as pan-African security issues have considerable grown in recent years. Emerging powerhouses the likes of China, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and India have developed strategies to broaden their presence across the continent. That is why we believe a bi-monthly newsletter or one covering a single region or economic sector no longer fully reflects these new realities.

The new continent daily Africa Intelligence aims to continue to provide its trademark understanding of the workings of power within each African state. The editorial team has grown and will continue to cover the Oil and Gas and Mining industries as well as new key economic sectors with a continent-wide impact: Infrastructure and Power, Defence and Security, Banking and Finance.

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This new editorial format comes with a new offer: a single subscription plan that now provides access to all Africa Intelligence content. Preferential rates apply based on the number of readers per subscription.

The website itself has been entirely developed by Africa Intelligence’s in-house IT team to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly browsing experience whether viewed from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Subscribers can also opt to “scroll” the issue to read it as easily as if it were a PDF.

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