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‘I was drunk’: Fake CP Detained While Ordering Release Of Suspect

After being held at the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja Lagos, where he had gone to secure the release of a suspect who had been imprisoned, Mr. Nwagu Emmanuel, who had been passing himself off as a Commissioner of Police, had reached the end of his rope.
The suspect, who was allegedly discovered in possession of a Walkie-Talkie, was paraded with 12 other suspects who had been detained in various locations around Lagos for various offenses.
One of the suspects was Ibrahim Bello, a 62-year-old man who purportedly entered a Lagos court in full lawyer’s regalia to hold a brief in a case only to be found out he was not a lawyer.
He allegedly was detained by NBA members and turned over to the police after he was unable to respond to several inquiries that were directed at him. The Command’s spokesman, SP Benjamin Hudenyin, explained how the two were apprehended by saying, “On September 2, 2023, at around 4:40 pm, Nwagu Emmanuel attended a police facility and identified himself as a Commissioner of Police. He was treated just as such, but after being questioned, it became clear that he was a fake.
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Deputy Commissioner of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Police warrant cards, as well as a Kenwood walkie-talkie, a police camouflage singlet, and a face mask, were found during a search of his residence.
However, when confronted, the suspect admitted to the media that he had never joined the Nigeria Police.
I have never worked in a police formation, he declared. Sincerely, I had been drinking that day. My friend who lives close by and I drove inside the police station. I went there to introduce him to the Area Commander since he requested that I do so.
“One ASP ABBA, a police officer I used to know, gave the ID cards to me. In addition, when he was watching over our lodging, he offered me a police vest and a headgear. He received N2,000 from me for the two ID cards. But my church owns the walkie-talkie. I first used it a year ago.
When I was arrested for a traffic violation, I once showed them to V.I.O. authorities. My license had expired, but they insisted, so I still paid.
The 62-year-old Bello, who identified himself as an estate agent, responded by saying, “Whenever I gather any lawsuit in my office and provide them to attorneys to appear in court on my behalf, they would tell me to take it up and appear in court for them. I was arrested on one of the occasions when I went to the court to see if the solicitors I had hired were present.
When questioned about where he obtained the wig and robe, he answered, “I bought them and stored them in the office so that anytime a lawyer does not have a robe, I would carry it to the court for him. Regarding the legal books, I got them because I enjoy reading and want to read them.
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