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Chinese Lover Must Face The Law As Nigerians Cries For Justice For Kano Lady

The gruesome murder of  Ummakulsum Sani Buhari, a 23-year-old Kano-based lady, has sparked outrage among Nigerians on social media.

It had been reported how the lady known as Ummita was stabbed to death by her Chinese lover, Mr Geng Quanrong, in Kano, on Friday.

According to reports, Mr Geng was Ummita’s boyfriend for about three years before she got married to someone else in February 2022.

Ummita’s mother said that after her daughter’s divorce, Geng “came back to her life, pressing that he must see her,” even though her family chased him away and disapproved of their relationship.

But on Friday night, the defiant ex-lover stormed the house by pushing Ummita’s mother away who had opened the door for him after persistent knocking and went straight to Ummita’s room and stabbed her.

Soaked in blood, Ummita was rushed to the hospital but she died on the way.

Mr Geng has since been arrested by the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Nigerians on Twitter have been calling for the quick prosecution of Mr Geng and demanding justice for Ummita with the hashtag #JusticeForUmmita.

A Twitter user, @A__yabo said, “A Chinese man butchered a girl yesterday in Kano. Reports say the girl didn’t accept his love and he followed her to her father’s house and stabbed her to death. We demand #JusticeForUmmita.”

Another said asking questions about their past relationship is now unnecessary because what matters is that he illegally murdered her.

“I see people asking questions like were they dating? what did she do? It doesn’t matter what she did, she didn’t deserve to be murdered in cold blood, if she had hurt him in any way he should’ve taken the right course of action. This is a crime against Nigerians #JusticeForUmmita.

“I promise if I was Governor I would do everything within my power to make sure that man doesn’t get extradited and serves whatever sentence meted out on him by the Judiciary. If you commit a crime abroad, they make an example & make sure you don’t go scot-free #JusticeForUmmita,” said @khalifarabiu.

Bashir Ahmad, the Special Assistant on Digital Communications to President Muhammadu Buhari, expressed pleasure that the accused had been arrested by the police and also demanded justice for Ummita.

“This is a very sad and devastating story of a Chinese man slaughtering a young lady in Kano. Good to find out that the perpetrator has since been arrested by the authorities. #JusticeForUmmita,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

Another Twitter user, @Mr_Virus101 wrote, “I think it’s right time we Acknowledged the lives of every Citizen in Nigeria. You can’t commit a Crime in Chinese and go Scot-free. This man should be prosecuted immediately. Let the Law take its course. God Bless Nigeria #SHUTDOWN #Chinese #England #JusticeForUmmita.”

“Ummita was hacked to death by a Chinese in her own home in her own fatherland. If a Nigerian did that in China, there would have been a VISA restriction for months. But we can’t dare because we’ve borrowed our entire livelihood from China. What a sad country! #JusticeForUmmita,” said @drpenking.

@SkinnyBoi001_ wrote, “The people asking about the relationship status btw the Chinese man and Ummita and other irrelevant questions are the most stupid people I have seen today. Whatever they had between them does not and would never justify what he did to her. He should be killed #JusticeForUmmita.”

“The gruesome murder of Ummita by a Chinese man in Kano State is highly condemnable. I commiserate with the family and appeal to relevant Nigerian security operatives to fish out the perpetrator and make him face the full wrath of the law. Human life is SACRED! #JusticeForUmmita” wrote @iam_ohajuobed.

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