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Empowering the Next Generation: Expert Insights on Encouraging Youth Participation in Coding from Government and Parents

Prof Ojo Emmanuel Ademola

 By Prof Ojo Emmanuel Ademola

Working on the outcome of data analytics and reality in today’s Nigeria, particularly about unemployment in the Country can only keep calling into question the passionate minds of problem solvers to guarantee sustainable growth and development. Additionally, there exist diverse emphatic hyphenations, which at the same remain an interest for urgent, and rapid intervention in providing solutions rather than just keeping up with the usual description of the problems and by extension deepening the national unemployment slump.

Recently, it was uncovered that 58.9% of HND graduates are unemployed, 49.55% of OND graduates are unemployed and 39.75% of BSc holders are unemployed within the bound of just before Covid-19 and mid-2022. Although the National Bureau of Statistics recorded an expansion in the national unemployment rate from 23.1 per cent in 2018 to 33.3 per cent in 2020. The estimation was right, as the rate of unemployment has increased since to 37.7 per cent in 2022 and has risen further to 40.6 per cent in mid-2023.

The data is intriguingly frightening, and indeed calls for an instantaneous approach to problem-solving and definitely intensifying the focused attention to the reliving of the national space. By so doing, to stimulating employment exponentially with the steadfastness of alignment to the future of work at this stage of our National development.

With the situation now, the need to perpetuate nationally around job and wealth creation should suffice. Indeed, it is an embodiment that, there are various and urgent needs to launch a fulfilling, future-proof Careers’s blueprint as turnaround opportunities for Job Creator and getting young people who are out of school, or jobless back to Coding.

Essentially, this is all about getting young people and those unemployed into lasting professional journeys with envisaged destinations for creating opportunities and maintaining developmental growth regardless of individuals’ job status or the economic recession.

Such an idea for the National Development Agenda is becoming invaluable in our tech-driven world. It further enhances the means of meeting the national and global demand for problem-solving skills. Such a technique frequently ensures the future-proofing of adaptable and lasting careers, pinnacling to engendering young people to self-employment and entrepreneurship. Undoubtedly, problem-solvers trending come with strong technical foundations and the deftness to keep learning and stay on creating more jobs and extending jobs procreation as entrepreneurs will intensively desire.

The main act of productivity with an effective dedication to job creation could afford the developmental national plan with this approach to opening doors with Industry Connections. The argument now leans on the procedure for tapping on globally designed frameworks for growing the global network of tech experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni, thus equipping individuals to succeed in a rapidly expanding range for prolific job creation and sustainable development of essential dexterity, that is available to young people and the unemployed within the system.

Job seekers must be engaged to build professionalism in grade portfolios, which can easily be showcased with coding and collaboration skills to potential employers, thusly, creating full-stack web applications that could remain an all-encompassing influence on contemporary programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

At the just concluded Black Tech Day 2023 at London South Bank University, United Kingdom, I raised the issue of getting personalised Job Support at Every Step to job seekers and bringing the young people to Coding to build confidence with mock-ups of technological reviews and other technical interview preparation and whiteboard challenges to robustly foster national job creation and wealth creation agenda with significant input from young people.

Concurrently, such synergy could help to get coalesced with top employers, and navigate individual job searches from end-to-end with trustworthy career carts and enablers of a great future, deepening through the facilitation of immediate impact of the future of work to job and wealth creation robustly.

Accompanimently, parents could help by understanding the various advantages of Coding in this matter as presented in these few paragraphs:

First. Coding is simply exemplary fun and easy to learn. The easiest and funniest thing to learn next to natural languages, so to say is Coding. No need for literacy, numeracy, or any other prerequisites.

Two. Coding could speedily help to develop young person mental capacity and assist them appropriately with some of the more cohesive paths of reasoning logically. Building diverse games of interest and value addition also remains of extensive significance.

Three. When you have data, or you create them, it will be highly intelligent to give such data the ability to inherently create further data as we have it in today’s Artificial Intellingence (AI). It means that with Coding ability, young people will receive the requisite support to engage with themselves, manage themselves and collaborate with others sensibly.

Four. Without an attempt at the earliest monetizing of the beginning, Coding provides a pathway to creating wealth and permits strength to sustain wealth. Thereupon, with AI, several millions of jobs are exponentially being created. With a current approach to the future of work, further anticipation gets to furthering and creating numerous jobs that far exceed what AI might possibly eliminate. Consequently, Awareness of Coding provides a huge pathway to wealth creation during foolproof and ambivalent times.

Five. The notion that this life regularly redefines itself sounds vigorous again as being stakeholders in National development provides further opportunities for making sense of this life and how it redefines through individuals impact. Thusly, the use of Coding helps technically in the working of visualisation of the redefinition of human disposition. Meaning, with Coding, this life could redefine itself through our people. Every element that makes life can be represented with Coding for an ultimate redefinition of human spaces by young people.

Six. Coding is a valid way to the empowerment of others. With it, giving back to society then becomes an individual social responsibility pathway to fulfilment. Certainly, the transformational leadership of young people today starts with being actively involved with the rowboat of Coding. It’s all more about crafting efficiently towards the realising of the fulfilment of the transformational potential of AI, for instance, to represent a vast, thriving prospect and a ground-breaking leap into wealth brimming with unparalleled potential for businesses.

Seven. Coding exists as evidence that you can contribute to the narrative of innovation and invention. The question to our young people should be, what will be your contribution to AI estimated value addition, which could be $500 billion in value to SMEs globally, whether they develop AI applications for others or use it themselves? The answer starts with actively involving the daily business of Coding.

Eight. Coding exists as professional evidence of capability that you can own your route to productivity with efficient activity. Essentially, at this stage of organisational challenges, there might not be many significant undertakings of grade programming to pin the fundamental man-made intelligence skill that could help to reconfigure its item suite. All things being equal, businesses could resort to getting Coding as a new language to reinforce their capacities and guarantee a smooth combination of AI in their work processes and tasks.

Nine. Coding can provide a pathway to demonstrate that young people are contributing to the economy through technological and sociological impact by developing diverse citizenship platforms for National development. Such awareness and eventual participation could set out convincing business sectors, appending freedom to enable AI, which could offer arrangements positively intended for the consistent implanting of technological advantages. Such, as taking root from the inside existing endeavour frameworks, and across various business capabilities to foster continuous pathways and secure financial freedom of individuals as well as ensuring robust National development in global technology participation.

Ten. With Coding, young people can be creatively maximized the logical senses of visualisation and imagination even at maximally putting information age into productivity that can characterise the paradigm shift from industrial production to such that is based on information and digitalisation.

Eleven. With such thriving values associated with the information age, Coding will provide an extensive pathway to make visualisation and imagination become real to an extent, and thus maximize creativity apts making data to big data and giving the further opportunity to available data to keep procreating further data for National development Agenda in job and eventual wealth creation.

Twelve. With coding, ethical practices and the application of moral standards for effective businesses could become things of great foundation and indeed be embedded in rudimentary attendance at not entirely putting speculation beyond the information age and what the future of work has to offer. The question of who own the data in the information age could further become an extended inquiry as AI keeps driving this information age.

Twelve. Coding as a language is very fun and highly engaging and profitable in every sense opening incalculable opportunities. With the rapid expansion of technological advancements and the impact of AI, on not only business, but the totality of society, politics, and the economy integratively, the world of job and wealth creation keeps looking intuitively advancing.

Conclusion. As Coding embeds several evolving admissions of diverse solutions, so also, getting young people and the unemployed into Coding will create enormous jobs, and indeed create employment within twenty-four months that will ultimately engender Nigerians into unprecedented sustainable jobs and wealth creation.

*Ademola, is a pioneer Professor,  and Chairman of Professor Ademola Ojo Emmanuel Foundation.*


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