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Don Calls for Introduction of Literacy Programmes in the Educational System

In response to the alarming rise of cyber hooliganism and predators in the realm of social media, Professor Kolade Ajilore, a renowned expert in Marketing Communication, is advocating for the implementation of media literacy programs within the Nigerian educational system. The objective is to enhance public awareness of the influential power of the media and safeguard society against its potential misuse.

During the 48th inaugural lecture held at the Babcock Business School Auditorium, Professor Ajilore, who also serves as the Head of the Babcock University Mass Communication department, emphasized the significance of finding a balance between marketing for profit and upholding social ethics to educate and protect the vulnerable.

In his address titled “Advertising Practice as Brand Communication Archery in the Age of a Rebellious Audience,” Professor Ajilore shed light on the impact of media on consumer behavior, highlighting the necessity to transition from a one-sided messaging approach to a more comprehensive two-sided approach. He argued that relying solely on advocating the benefits and positive attributes of a brand has limited persuasive power, particularly among educated and critical audiences.

Additionally, Professor Ajilore called for the adoption of tracking research to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and swiftly address any potential issues before they cause irreparable harm. Furthermore, he urged the government, through advertising regulatory bodies, to take measures to protect vulnerable individuals.

Recognizing the toxic nature of the cyber space due to the increasing incidents of cyber victimization and predation, Professor Ajilore emphasized the need for education rather than strict regulation. He proposed a bottom-up approach to educate society about the dangers associated with digital media, emphasizing the importance of creating safety nets.

“While acknowledging the positive advancements in our society facilitated by the media, especially social media, we must also acknowledge the detrimental effects it can have if left unmanaged,” stated Professor Ajilore.

By introducing media literacy programs and promoting responsible media consumption, Professor Ajilore believes that society can mitigate the risks associated with the misuse of media, safeguarding the well-being of individuals and fostering a more informed and resilient community.

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