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Foreign, National And State Actors Of COVID-19 Disaster

I believe I am one of those who followed the outbreak of this Wuhan-strain coronavirus right from the get. As at the 24th of January, I had written a post to warn Nigerians and for them to be prepared. Buy hand sanitizers, masks and avoid unnecessary contacts was what I said then. Sadly many shrugged it off. As at that time, the nose mask was 50naira apiece.
Between 24th of January and today 7th of May 2020, a lot has gone on in the world concerning this virus. It eventually got named and a treatment protocol established but then we are witnessing lots of things unravelling.
The treatment protocol was the first red flag of corruption for me. It ensured the hospitals got overwhelmed with needlessly sick people and assured high death rate. This treatment protocol is still on in countries with climbing death rates.
Nigeria sadly is approaching this stage and it is due to corruption of the politicians and healthcare administrators.
In any war or widespread emergencies, some things are guaranteed to happen; people will die and there will be a wealth transfer. Wealth transfer means some people will lose wealth rapidly whilst some will gain that lost wealth rapidly. The wealth loss is usually apparent whilst the wealth gain is usually hidden because people who profit from disasters have to put up a facade of humanity.
In all this, one thing that goes unspoken of however is the various interests and the exponential increase in corruption during this period.
Right now, the corruption of coronavirus going on in Nigeria will make Boko haram phantom war child’s play. You can see for yourselves that Buratai is growing leaner, his chop chop is no longer priority nor needed. He is busy pretending to fight his friend Shekau after being forced by Derby to military intervention to save Shekau from Chadian forces on Nigerian soil.
Test kit corruption.
Many of you are aware that NCDC publicly announced they needed test kits and running out of reagents. Whilst this post will not go deep into how the test for detection of COVID-19 is done, I will like you to cast your mind back to the various test kits we received as donations. Compare the kits numbers to the number of people Nigeria has tested. You will find out that almost all the tests were done with donated test kits and ALL the billions released by the FG for test kits and reagents are arguably gone into a black hole.
That is why they can’t really test so many people and one reason they must have run away from Kano. It technically requires about 3 tests to confirm someone positive for COVID-19, IgG/IgM serological tests (which detects antibodies for any coronavirus) and the qPCR test which confirms COVID-19 itself.
Yet I digress.
Stolen money can be recovered, after all, we are still getting alerts from Abacha’s loot almost 2 decades after his “Edenic” demise. Stolen lives are however permanently lost, Saro-Wiwa’s life, for example, cannot be recovered.
All countries that have been treating COVID-19 have treatment plans which you can find online and in news. This includes active plans as they go in terms of emergency approvals for therapeutic drugs or clinical trials. I have scoured online, Nigeria has none.
Why hide what you are doing and yet release daily data that you have treated and discharged recovered COVID-19 patients. All we see are pictures of people eating eba and amala with efo riro, is that what you spent tens of billions to buy as a treatment?
News from recovered patients, however, indicates that some were treated with chloroquine, some with remdesivir and some with coartem, all in combination with antibiotics like Azithromycin with some savvy doctors combining it with zinc.
The drug corruption.
Remdesivir, my first statement -about a month ago- when told by someone remdesivir was being used was that it was a failed drug. It failed against Ebola and was being repackaged for COVID-19 for profit-making only. I am in fact hazarding a guess it was used for Atiku’s son and didn’t improve his situation until he got to ICU and was given chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine.
Anyway, it was a no brainer that remdesivir would be poor in treating this coronavirus because it was not useful against SARS, why would it now be against SARS-COV-2?
In contrast, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine had been identified as effective in 2009 study against coronavirus, either alone or even better with zinc. Zinc does the job of tearing the virus lipid protective layer completely apart!
The drug corruption rooted in the scientific community, however, saw a few compromised researchers giving a very wrong interpretation to deliberately poorly conducted studies that guaranteed death to their human specimens. That corruption had a purpose, to promote an expensive alternative in the form of vaccines and in the meantime therapeutic drug. One of such is this Remdesivir which despite a failed clinical trial in China and an average one in the US was quickly pushed into emergency use by the same people going out of their ways to discredit the hydroxychloroquine zinc regimen.
Nigeria has joined the rank of drug corruption. In fact, we have dived in. Medical doctors in Nigeria have used same chloroquine to treat patients successfully, including at least one CMD of a teaching hospital. The minister of health, however, is quite over the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. He is instead pushing for vaccines we do not produce, planning to beg Madagascar for their own homemade therapeutic drug and said Remdesivir has approached Nigeria for clinical trials. In other words, rather treating you with what they know works, they will sacrifice your life to get a few positive results from the use of the Remdesivir so it can be approved for use.
Treatment with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine is so cheap it will barely cost $100 per patient.
Others also found the use of vitamin C effective but that doesn’t work directly on the virus.
Using Remdesivir however, aside the longer time it will take to even battle the virus if it works, it will cost $4500 per patient.
Clinical trials of corruption.
It’s like throwing kids in a candy store and leaving them unattended. There is a feeding frenzy by pharmaceutical companies, lab scientists, and so many academics on this COVID-19 pandemic. The benign amongst them seek only literature. The rest see only opportunities to test their drugs, test their hypothesis and most sinister are those looking to test DNA/RNA vaccines. Not only were animal trials skipped, but they also have eyes on targets of the expendables, you.
That is why a whole medical doctor in the person of the minister of health will boldly stand and offer you the citizens as a specimen for vaccines whose effects he doesn’t understand nor know. Ask him to show you the literature he has on the vaccine.
The red flag that he is lying was when he said they will test the vaccines on COVID-19 patients.
No1, there is no therapeutic vaccine on trial or in development. What do I mean?
Vaccines do either of two things, prevent diseases (normal vaccine) or help the body recover from diseases (therapeutic vaccine).
Since all COVID-19 vaccines on trial are preventive vaccines, how does Dr Osagie want to sign up patients who are already infected for trials? They need those who test negative for COVID-19 for vaccine trials, healthy individuals and not COVID-19 patients, those individuals are you.
No2, Remdesivir is not even on clinical trials in Nigeria, not even chloroquine that has proven fast and effective. A search through Clinical trials website where all trials are tracked only revealed one clinical trial slated to begin recruiting in UCH. It however also points to the diabolic plans in store for Nigerians. That trial in conjunction with Pakistan will need ten thousand (10k) COVID-19 patients, where are 5000 patients in Nigeria?
This is where the corruption of the legislature comes in.
That is why Gbajabiamila tried -and still trying- to pass the compulsory vaccination bill which makes any of you a guaranteed specimen for any vaccine. Then the vaccine/drug manufacturers will not need your personal consent nor choice since the law will mandate you to receive anything the DG of NCDC orders.
Let me say you are on the verge of being finally handed over, they have been selling you for quite some time now.
What clinical trials mean is that they put you or your loved ones in a treatment program where some of them get experimental drugs, some get actual known effective drugs, whilst some will get fake drugs called placebo (that does nothing). They then watch who basically dies or recovers.
All those words “Randomized Controlled Trials” are just fancy words for what I just said in the last paragraph. None of them will put their family members on drug RCTs if they know their family members are dying, none. As for vaccines, the minister is healthy, Gbajabiamila and his family are healthy, why don’t they start the vaccine trials?
United in corruption.
There is a synergy of corruption involving Ministry of health, NCDC, the leadership of the legislature, pharmaceutical companies, Global health actors, some doctors in administrative positions and some state government actors, all with a simple goal, make money by gambling with you and your loved one’s lives.
What is being given to those isolated and in treatment? Why are they dying? What’s the plan for the expected increase in positive cases? What are experienced Nigerian doctors saying? What drugs are being pumped into your loved ones? Are drugs being tried as one would on animals since there are no documented trials going on?
As at when I began penning this, the Gombe protest by supposed coronavirus patients had yet to happen.
That Gombe demonstration is a practical example of the corruption I am talking about. The victims said they were kept in that isolation centre for upwards of two weeks, no medication, doctors barely show up [Pic 3]. Yet this is supposed to be a deadly virus right? So deadly you don’t need medication until you can’t breathe right?
The DG of NCDC Dr Chinkwe appears to be absolving himself of the corruption of coronavirus. He came out to disown being a part of Gbajabiamilas bill.
However, on another Channels TV interview, two houses of Representatives members were brought again to debate the diabolic bill. It was not surprising when the Deputy Chairman on the appropriations committee, Mr Igarieway Enwo spoke in support of turning Nigerians into pharmaceutical company specimens. He said the DG has no say in the bill because it was above his pay grade. This gives credence to CUPP’s allegations that some legislators already got paid $10m to do the devils job for the gates of hell.
If the corruption of coronavirus is going on in other more accountable nations where hospitals are tactically ensuring patients get admitted into the hospital for COVID-19, you can bet you are all practically pawned by those in charge of the crisis in Nigeria.
Before you sacrifice your life thinking doctors will save you, even if they want to, the system that can strip them of their license to practice will practically make them choose between their own life (license) and yours…, that’s not much of a choice, is it?
Resist the corruption of coronavirus now, demand to know what is being done to your loved ones in isolation. You may end up there too!
Better still, demand a standard treatment protocol that allows doctors prescribe chloroquine and zinc to those who are showing symptoms or tested positive without being taken into isolation centres. The orchestrated tsunami about to hit is designed to force you begging for their vaccines, something you don’t need.
Proof of efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine with zinc abound from medical doctors. Search if you are still in doubt. Your very life may depend on it,
Source: Opera News

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