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Jeremeeh Kousse Collections: Tales from Savannah Part4

By Jeremeeh Kousse.

Jeremeeh Kousse is a playwright. A storyteller and a comedian.
He is also a crypto researcher.

In a remote and tranquil corner of the countryside, there lived an elderly couple who owned a small, picturesque farm. The husband was a kindhearted man, known for his generosity and gentle nature, while his wife was a stark contrast, miserly and harsh. Despite their differences, they had built a life together on their beloved farm, though they had no children of their own. Their companions included a variety of animals: a loyal dog, a mischievous goat, a contented hen with her twelve adorable chicks, an envious duck, a sly cat, wild mice, and the ever-present threat of snakes.

Life on the farm was generally peaceful, but tensions simmered beneath the surface. The dog and the goat were particularly displeased with the owner’s evident favoritism towards the hen and her chicks. They couldn’t understand why the hen received so much care and attention while they felt neglected. The duck, childless and envious of the hen’s brood, shared in their resentment but kept her thoughts to herself.

The hen and her chicks thrived, much to the annoyance of the dog and the goat. Plotting to create discord, they started stealing the groundnuts stored by the miserly wife. As the thefts became noticeable, the dog, eager to deflect suspicion, falsely accused the hen of stealing the groundnuts to feed her chicks. The hen was summoned by the wife, who, in a fit of rage, confiscated her twelve chicks, leaving the hen heartbroken and sobbing day and night.

Despite the harsh punishment meted out to the hen, the thefts continued unabated. Growing increasingly frustrated, the wife decided to set a trap to catch the culprit. One night, the trap sprung, catching a deadly cobra. When the wife came out in the dark to check the trap, she was bitten by the snake. Her husband quickly killed the snake and summoned the village doctor, who administered the necessary treatments to save her life.

As the wife slowly began to recover, visitors frequently came to check on her. To feed the growing number of well-wishers, it was decided that the duck should be cooked for pepper soup. The duck, a silent accomplice in the thefts, met her end to serve the visitors. Despite these efforts, the wife’s health continued to deteriorate, and one night, she passed away.

In the wake of her death, preparations for her funeral began. The dog was sent to fetch the doctor, but on its way, a fast-moving vehicle struck it, killing it instantly. The loss of the dog added to the somber atmosphere of the household.

During the funeral, it was decided that the goat and a cow would be slaughtered to provide a feast for the family, visitors, and well-wishers. The goat, who had played a part in the scheme that led to so much sorrow, now faced its own demise.

As the farm slowly returned to its usual rhythm, the hen, though mourning the loss of her chicks, found solace in the end of the turmoil. The farm animals, each having played their part in the tragic chain of events, learned a harsh lesson about envy, deceit, and the unintended consequences of their actions.

The old man, now alone but resilient, continued to care for his remaining animals with a renewed sense of purpose, hoping that the farm would once again be a place of peace and harmony. The story of the farm, with its intricate web of relationships and the moral lessons it embodied, became a tale passed down through the village, a reminder of the importance of honesty, gratitude, and kindness.

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