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Jeremeeh Kousse Collections : Tales From The Savanah

Written by Jeremeeh Kousse. Jeremeeh is a playwright. A storyteller and a comedian. He is also a crypto researcher.

From his collections : Tales From The Savanah .

Once upon a time, in a bustling city in Nigeria, there lived a man named Tunde, who was known for his honesty and hard work. Despite his best efforts, his business was struggling, and he barely made ends meet. However, he found solace in his unwavering friendship with a man named Ayo, who had been his friend since childhood.

One fateful day, Tunde’s mother fell gravely ill. The family doctor handed Tunde a list of medications that were essential for her recovery. Desperate and with no money to spare, Tunde saw no option but to turn to his dear friend Ayo for help. He called Ayo and explained the dire situation.

“My friend, please help me. My mother is dying, and I need 100,000 Naira to buy her medicines. I promise to pay you back after the crypto bull run,” Tunde pleaded.

Ayo listened carefully and responded, “Call me at 6 pm.”

As the clock struck 6 pm, Tunde anxiously dialed Ayo’s number, but to his dismay, Ayo’s phone was switched off. Panic-stricken, Tunde rushed to Ayo’s house, only to find the doors locked and the house eerily silent. Defeated and drenched by the pouring rain, Tunde trudged back home, his heart heavy with despair.

Upon reaching home, Tunde was astonished to find his mother in better spirits, taking the very medications she needed. Confused, he asked, “Mother, where did you get the food and medicines?”

His mother smiled gently and replied, “Immediately after you left, your friend Ayo came by. He took the list of medicines, bought the drugs and some food, and delivered them to me. He just left a little while ago.”

Overwhelmed with gratitude and curiosity, Tunde braved the rain once more and hurried back to Ayo’s house. This time, he found Ayo inside.

“My friend, thank you so much for helping my mother with the medicines and food. But why did you switch off your phone?” Tunde asked, still puzzled.

Ayo looked at him with a gentle smile and said, “I didn’t switch off my phone, Tunde. I sold it to buy your mother’s medicines.”

In that moment, Tunde realized the depth of Ayo’s sacrifice and the true essence of their friendship. Ayo’s actions spoke volumes about the unbreakable bond they shared—a bond forged through years of trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

From that day forward, Tunde and Ayo’s friendship grew even stronger, a testament to the power of selflessness and true companionship. Their story became a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding everyone that true friendship is not just about being there in good times, but also about making sacrifices and supporting each other through life’s toughest challenges.

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