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Jeremeeh Kousse Collections: Tales from the Savannah 5

By Jeremeeh Kousse.

Jeremeeh Kousse is a playwright. A storyteller and a comedian.
He is also a crypto researcher.

From his collections: Tales from the Savannah 5.

upon a time, in a small town, lived a man named Thomas. At the age of 40, Thomas had spent his life diligently working, saving, and building a modest yet comfortable life for himself. Although his heart had been broken twice before by women who had deceived him, he still harbored a dream of finding true love and starting a family. His family, worried about his advancing age, persistently pressured him to marry, adding to his growing sense of urgency.

Enter Olivia, a woman of 31 years, feeling the intense societal pressure of still being unmarried. Surrounded by friends who had long settled down, she felt the weight of their judgment. Desperate to fit in, Olivia devised a plan to marry Thomas, believing him to be the perfect candidate—quiet, easygoing, and unadventurous. To ensure her success, she lied about her age, claiming to be 23.

Thomas met Olivia at a mutual friend’s gathering, and he was instantly captivated by her youthful charm and beauty. Despite knowing deep down that her antics were not sincere and aware of her true age, Thomas decided to marry her. He believed that marriage, even if built on a lie, would finally bring him the family acceptance he craved.

A week into their marriage, tragedy struck when Olivia had a miscarriage. As blood flowed for days, Thomas silently observed, knowing that the child had not been his. He laughed bitterly, a reaction born out of a painful awareness rather than joy.

Over the years, Olivia bore five children. Thomas loved and cared for them all, fully aware that none of them were biologically his. He never revealed his knowledge to Olivia, choosing instead to provide for and support his family with unwavering dedication.

Twenty-five years later, when Thomas was 65, he traveled abroad to oversee his estates and business ventures. Upon returning, he sat Olivia down and calmly revealed everything he had known from the start. He told her about her true age, her deceit, the children, and his enduring awareness of it all. As he spoke, Olivia’s face turned pale, and she fainted from the shock.

When she regained consciousness, Thomas informed her that he had willed all his properties and wealth to an orphanage. He believed that his resources could better serve those truly in need rather than supporting a life built on lies. He walked away from Olivia and the life they had shared, feeling a profound sense of liberation.

As he left, he wished Olivia well in her future endeavors, hoping she might find genuine happiness and redemption. Thomas, free from the burdens of deceit and societal pressure, set out to live the rest of his life in peace, content with the choices he had made and the truths he had finally revealed.

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