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10th NASS: APC Group Advises Tinubu To Remain Impartial

A pressure group within the All Progressives Congress operating under the banner of Renewed Hope Professionals called on Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, to remain impartial during the election for leadership positions in the 10th National Assembly, in order to avoid the mistakes of 2015.

The Pressure group, which was responding to claims that it was planning to endorse candidates for important Senate and House of Representatives positions, cautioned that Tinubu’s attempts to show partisanship would backfire.

The RHP’s national coordinator, Kinu Kabirwa, issued the warning in a statement in Abuja. He claimed that his impartiality was necessary because the freedom of choice is the very foundation of a strong democracy, and that “the imposition of candidates by those in positions of authority has led to a legitimacy crisis in the country since the return to democracy in 1999.”

Kinu Kabirwa stated that the National Assembly’s leadership could be compromised if the President-elect takes a side, undermining the system of checks and balances and depriving the incoming administration of legitimacy and the necessary healing for the country.

Kinu Kabirwa asserts that the President-elect must exhibit an unshakeable dedication to a level playing field for all competitors in order to succeed as an advocate of competitive democracy.

“The Parliament operates under the maxim of first among equals, and any attempt to impose any form of leadership upon members may be counterproductive,” said Kabirwa.

“The APC, led by His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, established a strong example in the primary elections that resulted in the President-elect serving as the APC flagbearer. When Mr. President insisted that all candidates compete on an even playing field, the world witnessed the beauty of progressive politics. We must not renege on this admirable legacy.

“The President-elect must be viewed as a devoted democrat who upholds the theory of separation of powers, which is a cornerstone of most democratic systems and the very symbol of the presidential system of government.

To keep this equilibrium, the President-elect must refrain from interfering with the National Assembly’s operations.

“The President must act impartially to ensure that the National Assembly runs independently and without outside interference.

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The checks and balances system established by the Constitution enables each branch of government to oversee and control the others in order to prevent any one branch from gaining undue power.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the new administration, protect the values of democracy, and maintain the separation of powers, the President-elect must remain impartial.

“This is crucial for the new President to build credibility and prevent conflict and division that would make it difficult for the government to pass laws and deal with pressing issues. This request for impartiality in the contest for the 10th National Assembly’s leadership should be heeded by the President-elect.

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