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 Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School Celebrates British Science Week 

By Bunmi Alegbeleye 

 Each year, the British Science Association runs a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, and maths called British Science Week. As a school that runs the British curriculum, Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School takes part in the events and activities to develop the skills of our students in these areas.

In 2021, British Science Week took place at LPSS from 8th to 12th March, running with the theme of ‘Innovating for the Future. But what exactly is the purpose of the British Science Week?

The Purpose

The purpose of British Science Week is to encourage people of all ages to get involved in various scientific disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – any STEM discipline.

At LPSS, we focus on engaging our students to get involved in these scientific disciplines, as there is a real drive within the education system to encourage the development of future scientists.

For example, Science has been at the forefront of the news this year like never before, and it has been pivotal in the development of our understanding, tracking, and, ultimately, how we will tackle COVID-19.

Involving our students at LPSS in British Science Week is a perfect way to give them a positive and hopeful outlook to learning and the future ahead.

As science teachers, we understand the importance of British Science Week for the younger generations, and we love to see our students following their dreams and paving their way in the scientific community; whether it is in engineering, manufacturing, or technology, we are all part of the same scientific principles.

This Year’s theme is “Innovating for the Future”

What is innovation?

Innovation is the process of turning an idea into a solution that overcomes a problem. This year, students had to think of a problem that needs solving. It could have been a small problem that affects their home or school, or they could have chosen a global issue to explore.

They described the problem they would like to solve and suggested some solutions to the problem. Problems included: technology. education, government and conservation.

Some of the questions they answered included: ‘Could a new invention help us to solve the problem?’ ‘Could the problem be solved if people thought or behaved differently?’

Lastly, students designed new inventions, described the functions of each part of the invention and how it will help to solve problems.

Here are some of the inventions done by each section of the school.

Students in Primary took out time to research into past inventions. Some built on previous inventions and considered alternative sources of powering windmills when fossil fuels are depleted. Others came up with their own original innovative ideas.


Secondary students educated the school on Stem Cells, the benefits and the future opportunities that stem cells provide. Some of them also came up with their own unique inventions.

 We are so proud of our students and all their unique inventions and we look forward to seeing these ideas become real life inventions.




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