Miami fans were hopeful that there would be a significant reason why the Nos. 10 and 5 jerseys were left vacant for the start of the 2023 MLS season. Depending on a player’s position, the numbers 1 through 11 are typically taken as soon as they become available, but Miami held the numbers 10 and 5 unclaimed.

It’s possible that Messi and Busquets will choose to wear their recognisable numbers despite the fact that their numbers have not yet been revealed. Since 2008, Messi has worn the number 10, while since 2014, Busquets has worn the number 5.

Only days after MLS squad that has struggled this season fired manager Phil Neville, Messi’s coming was revealed at the beginning of June. The statement by Busquets took a little longer, but they might not be finished yet.

After two seasons apart, the two Barcelona veterans will team up again in Miami, with Busquets making his first career move outside of Spain. Due to financial issues at Barcelona, Messi was forced to depart in 2021, although he later admitted he wasn’t happy at Paris Saint-Germain.

At Barcelona, Messi and Busquets spent 13 seasons playing together, logging more than 700 hours on the pitch. The two have a great deal of familiarity with one another, and their connection will be wonderful for Miami and the players nearby.

Barcelona attempted to re-sign Messi this summer, but the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner chose to move to MLS instead. Messi also had offers from around Europe and Saudi Arabia, as did Busquets, but they both declined in favour of Miami.

But, Miami’s managing director Jorge Mas tweeted a photo of three blank jerseys as he hinted at other additions, suggesting that the transfer process may not be over yet. In an effort to reunite the three former teammates, Miami has also been linked to Barcelona defender Jordi Alba.

Although Alba’s contract was set to expire at the conclusion of the following campaign, Barcelona and the defender came to an agreement to part ways this summer. According to reports, Alba has had conversations with Atletico Madrid, Saudi Arabian teams, and Miami.

If Alba were to move to Miami to play with Messi and Busquets, Harvey Neville, the son of fired manager Phil, would occupy his normal No. 18, leaving Alba without a number. They might try to change that now that Neville is no longer employed by the company, though owner David Beckham might have a difficult chat with the former manager.