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How I recruited Tinubu to the PDP – Wike

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has detailed his attempts to get Bola Tinubu to defect from the All Progressives Congress and join the People’s Democratic Party in 2018.

In an effort to persuade Tinubu to join the main opposition party, he claimed to have met the former governor of Lagos State in 2018 at his Bourdillon residence in Lagos at around two in the morning.

Nyesom Wike made this announcement during a state dinner held in Port Harcourt on Wednesday in honor of the incoming president.

The governor claimed Tinubu declined his offer, though, when Wike named potential PDP presidential candidates.

“I first met him in 2018 at around 2:00 a.m. in his home, Bourdillon,” Wike stated. I was assigned to find him and ask him how to join us. I approached him and said, “Sir, I’ve heard you’re having trouble regaining your footing in APC.” Join us and let’s help one of these candidates win the 2019 election by lending our support.

“He prompted me. I mentioned these candidates and asked who they were. Look, I will back (Muhammadu) Buhari 200 times if you have them, he remarked. He revealed it to me. And I admired him.

“We didn’t do anti-party, we supported the unity of Nigeria which is more important than any political party,” the governor remarked in reference to his support for Tinubu during the 2023 presidential race. People who engaged in anti-party behavior did so by violating a clause in their political party’s charter.

Nyesom Wike stated that because they insisted on abiding by their party’s rules, they “cannot be held for anti-party.”

The governor responded to the petitions contesting Tinubu’s victory in the presidential election by saying, “I only think an election is done well in Nigeria if the opposition wins. I have only witnessed that in Nigeria. They will acknowledge that the election was free and fair if I ran for Senate while still serving as governor and lost. Why? due to the governor’s defeat.

The governor, however, has already taken all necessary action if I were to win. We saw governors who came in last. Is it accurate to say that Bola Tinubu lost Lagos and the presidential election there?

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“In Lagos, that election was free and fair. Was Lagos not fair and open to all? Why? due to Bola Tinubu’s defeat in Lagos. We act in a manner similar to that. How do you think Wike would have fared if I had not won the Rivers State election? They can argue that we were right when we said that Wike’s time was up. Don’t worry, they only manipulated me; I’ve won now.

“Look at the states where governors lost their races; no one is discussing it. It was a fair and free election. Elections for senators were lost in a free and fair manner.

“As for me, I don’t look back with regret. The elections have come and gone, as I will continue to say and as I have already told the president-elect. That battle is over; your current conflict is with governance. Good government is what Nigerians desire. We must support the president-elect if we want sound governance.

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