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NECO Announces SSCE Results for 2022

Professor Dantani Wushishi, the registrar of the National Examinations Council, or NECO, has announced the results of the 2022 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.
On Thursday, Wushishi announced this at the NECO Headquarters in Minna, Niger State.
Wushishi further reported that 29 supervisors were put on a blacklist by the council as a result of their alleged involvement in multiple malpractice offenses, in addition to the results.
As a result of persistent infractions, he added, four institutions had their recognition suspended for two years.
Wushishi added that the council observed a decline in cheating during the internal senior school certificate exams in 2022 compared to earlier years.
He said that examination fraud had significantly decreased.
In the area of malpractices, Wushishi stated: “13, 595 were detected as opposed to 20, 003 in year 2021, which demonstrated considerable drop in number of malpractices instances.”
“For a variety of offenses, including poor supervision, disrespect, and aiding and abetting during the examinations, 29 supervisors were placed on a blacklist.”
Wushishi claims that although 1, 209,703 people registered for the exams, only 1, 198,412 of them actually took the test.
A total of 727, 864 candidates, or 60.74 percent, obtained five or more credits, including English Language and Mathematics, he continued.
There are 1, 031 people with special needs, of which 98 have albinism, 177 have autism, 574 have hearing problems, and 107 have vision difficulties, according to Wushishi.
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1,209,703 individuals enrolled for the exam, with 636,327 men (representing 52.60%) and 573,376 women (representing 47.39%), according to Wushishi’s breakdown.
However, according to the NECO director, only 1,198,412 people actually showed up to take the test, with 630,180 men (representing 52.58%) and 568,232 women (representing 47.41%).
“The total number of candidates with special needs is 1,031, with the split being as follows: 98 have albinism, 177 have autism, 574 have hearing loss, and 107 have vision loss.
“The number of candidates who received Credit or above in English Language is 889,188, or 74.89%.
929,140 candidates, or 78.23%, earned a credit or above in mathematics, as indicated in Table 2.
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