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S3x Toy Scandal: Court Upholds N50 Million In Damages For Senator Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo was found guilty of assaulting Ms Osimibibra Warmate at an Abuja sex toy store, and the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal upheld the N50 million damages verdict against him.
In response to the event that happened in 2019, a Federal Capital Territory High Court had mandated that the politician who represented Adamawa North pay damages.
Senator Abbo requested that the appeal court reverse the ruling because he was unhappy with the verdict.
But the appeal was rejected by the appellate court, which ruled in unanimity under the direction of a three-judge panel chaired by Justice Jamilu Tukur.
In response to a basic rights enforcement lawsuit brought by Ms., the panel stated that it had found no justification to overturn the high court’s decision that was rendered on September 29, 2020.
The trial justice’s decision to sustain Ms Warmate’s claim and grant damages against the legislator, according to the appeal court, was correct.
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It rejected the appellant’s claim that the lawsuit that resulted in the damages judgment against him was improperly filed.
The appellate court criticized Senator Abbo’s assertion that Ms. Warmate’s allegations that he slapped her, yanked her hair, and dragged her out of the sex toy shop were just a case of simple assault and not a rights violation, while also rejecting his claim that he was given a fair hearing.
In addition to affirming the N50 million in damages against the Appellant, the court also decided all five of the points brought in the appeal, awarding Ms. Warmate an additional N500,000.
The appellate court determined that Senator Abbo’s appeal, with the file number CA/ABJ/945/2020, lacked any value in its lead judgment, which was given by Danlami Senchi.
“The decision of the trial court in the award of N50m against the Appellant and in favor of the Respondent was proper,” Justice Senchi ruled, adding that based on the caliber of the evidence presented by Ms. Warmate, which included a medical report and video recordings of the incident, the trial court’s ruling could not have been influenced.
Given that the circumstances of the case revealed flagrant disobedience of the law and that the appellant is an elected senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the court determined that the appellant’s behavior was sufficiently egregious to warrant punishment.
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