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UNILAG Hikes Tuition Fees By 400%

As Nigerians struggle with economic difficulties, the University of Lagos (Unilag) has announced a 400% rise in tuition. This move may push students to drop out of school.

Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, vice chancellor of the university, met with leaders of the non-teaching staff unions on Thursday in the Senate Committee Chamber and discussed the proposed fees for undergraduate students.

Ogunsola revealed the new tuition increment for the school’s undergraduate students at the conference, which ranged from about N20,000 to over N100,000 depending on the degree of study.

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), which represents senior staff at the institution, released a statement that stated: “Students without lab or studio use would pay N100,750, those with lab use would pay N140,250, and college of medicine undergraduates would pay N190,250.”

When asked about a discount for employee children, the vice-chancellor of the college reportedly explained the development.

According to the statement, “the vice chancellor replied that the rates were fixed nationally and could not be amended for individual student groups. The SSANU delegate, Rasaki Yusuf, asked a refund for staff members with children enrolled in the institution.


Then, Mr. Yusuf suggested that “staff wards have the option of paying in installments with the requirement that payment be made in full one month prior to the final exams.”

The increase in tuition occurred at a time when Nigerians were struggling financially as a result of the elimination of the fuel subsidy following Mr. Tinubu’s assumption of office on May 29.

The president proclaimed during his inauguration that the subsidy era was over, which had an impact on the cost of goods and transportation.

In order to keep a campaign pledge, Mr. Tinubu signed the Student Loan Bill into law in June. The student loan bill offers loans to needy Nigerian students without interest.



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