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‘What Pandemic Taught Me As a Teacher’

This pandemic experience has taught me a lot of lessons as a teacher and prospective school owner.
I think school owners need to enhance their money, financial intelligence and investment skills.
You may need to begin to think in terms of IGR and see how you diversify without relying completely on school fees.
I know that if we think outside the box, we can strike out ideas that will be of great economic value.
I know a private school that has a sachet water company and hotel. You may think this is too big for your school, but how about selling toys, barbershop, buy and sell foodstuffs etc.
It’s no longer wise to depend completely on the school as an income for your school
For the individual teacher, I can understand the enormity of our job and how in most cases may not leave any room for a side hustle.
But we can increase our financial management skills. How can we make our money work for us?
Can you buy a freezer at home and start selling cold stuff in your area. So while you are writing lesson note in the evening, people are knocking your door to buy your product.
Can we begin to think this way? The future challenge may not be pandemic but something else. So let us take lessons.
By Anonymous

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