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How a Careless Moment Ruined My Family!

I don’t even know if I should call him my husband.
My ex and I were married for 10 years and he was a successful lawyer. But due to the nature of his job he was always travelling.
According to him, during one of his usual visit to Abuja, he attended a party and he slept with a lady that day cause he said he was tipsy.
After three months, the lady started calling him, to inform him she was pregnant. He asked her to keep it and got her an apartment to stay.
  Trouble started when this lady had twins (boys) for my ex-husband and started insisting that she moved into our house in Lagos.
    All along I was in the dark(didn’t know what was even happening). My husband and his people broke the news to me and I was mad at myself, my supposed husband, his family, in fact, I was mad at everybody.
I was heartbroken (is an understatement )…if anybody had told me that my husband looks at a woman I would swear on his behalf.
 She moved in and life became unbearable for me because taunts me whenever she got the opportunity to do so.
The part that hurts me most is that my husband does not see anything wrong in her actions, every day was meeting and phone calls on how I should accept her and move on.
When the humiliation became too much, my husband said it’s either I learn to live with her or he would get me a place.
I cried my eyes out but I accepted his offer to buy me a house in any part of town, so I can at least have my peace ( but why should I be the one to move out).
After fighting severally to get attention from him, it dawned on me, that I was fighting a lost battle; and the house he bought for me was an indirect settlement.
I nearly ran mad, because after he got me the place, his calls dropped and he moved on (i didn’t see that coming). Thank God my mum and family were there for me.
Two years later fate brought me and my university sweetheart together. I ran into him in a mall, we got talking (he is a widower) & after several dates; I decided to give love another chance again.
 I am currently pregnant for him, our wedding was for Easter but was shifted cause of the lockdown. I am so so happy with him and I have unusual peace of mind.
My reason for writing to you now is that my ex-husband is down with stroke and his people are calling me to come back that I am still their wife and my husband needs me now.
I now heard from a reliable source (his niece).. that his second wife left after the guy that got her pregnant returned from oversea. (a story for another day) and rekindled their affair he prepared their documents and they followed him back to his base.
She wrote him a note that ended him with a stroke.  Now his people and their pastors are frustrating my life with calls and apologies.
  When all these started I ran to the church, I ran to his kinsmen, I ran to everyone we both knew but they made me seem inconsiderate.
Even the pastor that was acting funny because my husband bought him a car and also the head of the building committee…won’t let my phone rest.
I’ve found happiness and there is no going back. But let me hear what the members have to say.
True life story copied from a group.

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