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Why Cross River People Won’t Vote Ben Agande for Senate – Open Latter


I have taken out time to write to you this morning the first of February 2023 and just 22 days to the election you are presenting yourself for us to vote for you to go and represent us in the senate of the National Assembly.

I think, as one of your constituents, that I should write you this letter urging you to honourably withdraw from the race and save yourself from the shame that will be associated with the imminent loss that shall face you when INEC announces the result of the senate elections.

You have tried your best as governor, and your best is not good enough to motivate us to vote for you. Despite the German hospital that is yet to kick off, the British Canadian university that is also yet to kick off, and the airport that we read on social media as being 90 per cent completed, the average Obudu voter will not vote for you.

They accuse you of land grabbing and wanton destruction of their properties, all in the name of building an airport that, they say, you know, you will not complete.

They see your governance as more of a family affair, where only those linked to you by blood are blessed and the rest are allowed to roast. Waking up now to start sharing appointments will not turn them into votes.

The Obanliku man is already aggrieved that for 7 and a half years in office, you have nothing to use to convince them to vote for you.

We are happy that your men are collecting their voter Identification Numbers and account numbers so that you will send money to buy their votes.

The game plan is to just take the money and not vote for you. When the Bekwarra man turns around and sees the huge farmlands destroyed all in the name of building a superhighway and all that was lost in the process, their anger towards you is kindled.

When they remember the two incomplete groundnut oil factories and all the big grammar you spoke on TV about the transformation Bekwarra will get from the take-off of these industries, their anger towards you is amplified.

Waking up not to share Solar lights with the villages where their senator has placed it already is too late to make them change their minds.

How can they vote for a man that destroyed their shops and buildings along the now abandoned Abuochiche Okuku mini Highway and they are yet to recover from the economic impact occasioned by the action of the bulldozer from your office?

The Ogoja man will not vote for you because you have clearly shown you don’t love Ogoja. Flooding Ogoja with your campaign poster only amplifies their anger toward you.

You took 5 years to build the British Canadian University in your village and now want to start a polytechnic in Ogoja with just 179 days until the end of your tenure.

We suspect that you are doing it just to get votes from the good people of Ndok. With projects’ incompletion being your signature tune, the Ogoja men know already that the Polytechnic will not see the light of day.

Even though the Nigeria Police has yet to speak out loud, documents available to us show that the Mopol Base currently in Obudu was designated Mopol 75 Ogoja.

We also hear that you have perfected the plan to move the school of nursing from Ogoja to Obudu and even expanded the scope of the school.

Apart from the rice mill, which is now not a property of Cross River state, mention one project done by your administration in Ogoja that will motivate the Ogoja voter to cast his or her vote for you.

The Ukelle Man in Yala is already angry that you have deceived him. You assured them that the Yahe Wanokom road would be completed in the lifetime of your administration.

With 179 days left to finish, it appears that you will not finish that road. The Yache man, who has always been your supporter, is angry that your promise to do the Akreha Alifokpa Road is now a scam. There is nothing to show the Yala person to motivate them to vote for you.

Those close to you are simply deceiving you just to fleece with your money. You are not on the ground. Your workers are angry that, for over 6 years now, you have not promoted them. Those you even promoted, have yet to enjoy the implementation of their promotions.

The school of thought that pushed you to give several appointments with the hope of using it to get votes is a very lame one.

Your appointees smile in the daytime and lament in the dark. I am waiting for you the day you come to my ward. I have just one question for you.

What did you forget in the Senate that you want to go and carry? Comparing your 4 years in the Senate with that of your major challenger, Agom Jarigbe Ago, who is a little over 15 months in the Senate, will show you are a colossal failure, and no one should reinforce failure.

You have not been honest with your people. You have not kept your word in so many instances We don’t trust you and will not vote for you. I hope you will find time to think through this piece.


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