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You are in Your 5th Year Yet You Still Blame Somebody for Not Turning Things Around- Gumi Blasts Buhari’s Govt.

Prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, has revealed why Nigeria is more divided under the current administration.

Gumi explained that religion and politics has polarized Nigeria now more than ever in its history.

He also stated that the divide should be blamed on political and spiritual leaders who manipulate Nigerians for their personal gains

Speaking with Vanguard, Gumi said: “Politics is responsible. Religion unites mankind. If you remove Buddhism from India and China, for instance, there will be chaos. If you remove Christianity, there will be chaos and if you remove Islam, there will be chaos. Religion solidifies. It holds mankind in big blocks so that they can respect each other. Religion is spiritual even though religious leaders exploit people.

“But there is an extent to which they can go because the scriptures are there. It is all about morality. It is all about good neighbourliness and compassion. Religion is never a problem but those who manipulate religion are. That is where the problem is. The division in the country is caused by the political leadership. We don’t have good leaders.

“We have leadership that still believes it is in opposition. It is structured to be opposing like critics. They are in power but they still behave as if they are in opposition. I recently heard the Vice President saying they could not tackle poverty because of the past government.

“You are in your fifth year of leadership yet you still blame somebody for not turning things around? Adolf Hitler met Germany in utter disaster but, in a few years, Germany was producing machines to fight the world. It is leadership. The economy is dependent on leadership. We don’t have that. There is crime everywhere. We are spending wrongly.”

Gumi’s remark is coming at a time Theophilus Danjuma, former Defence Minister, lamented about the things happening in Nigeria.

Danjuma had made the remark while lamenting that leaders from the South West were afraid of speaking out against the Federal Government.

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