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10 Ways to Solve Hanging Problem in your Smartphone, Smart Tricks!

One of the common problems we face with Smartphone nowadays is none other than “Hanging”.

Almost every smartphone, whether its Samsung, Micromax or any other after prolong use one or the other time phone begins to freeze/hang too often.

The common reason for smartphone hang is when you use too much RAM.

Whenever mobile phone freezes, we can not find out immediately the exact reason as there are lots.

So here, GizBot presents you the top 10 reasons and tips to avoid hanging problem in your device.




Check your RAM Most smartphone lags and hangs, if there is not enough space on RAM.

So avoid, downloading heavy applications without checking the RAM. If your phone is running on low RAM memory, try to close all the background application.

Task Manager Close the unwanted apps running on the background using Task Manager on the Android device. For Windows users, you can download the Task Manager apps from the store.

Avoid Live Wallpaper Don’t keep animated or Live wallpaper, as it would directly affect RAM’s performance. Try to keep your device display with simple or no wallpaper.

Internal memory Too much use of phone memory is the main reason to get phone hanged. To solve the hanging problem in your Android phone move all your data’s including songs, videos and other info in SD card.

Multitasking While surfing internet don’t run multiple tabs or perform multiple tasks because it slows down the processor and consumes lot of RAM.

Avoid running multiple apps If you are using a low-end smartphone, try not to run multiple apps at the same time.

Anti-virus Install reliable Anti-Virus software on your mobile. Sometimes, malware or virus can slow down your smartphone.


Cache Generally, the apps which we are using daily create cache resulting in hangs and lags. However, it should be cleared on a regular basis.

Software update

Software update If you face hanging problem quite often, then it can be a problem of a phone software bug. To avoid this software bug, the smartphone requires the updating of its firmware software, which can be checked under section “About Phone”.

Delete unwanted data's

Delete unwanted data’s Free up internal as well as external memory as much as you can by deleting/moving unnecessary files

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