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2023: Ex- NBA Chairman Says Cabals will Make or Mar Igbo Presidency

Chris Adimora, a legal practitioner in  Onitsha, Anambra State and one-time chairman of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Anaocha branch, has argued that those he identified as cabals would determine whether an Igbo man would become a president of Nigeria in 2023.

He contended that without the blessing of the cabals, it would be very difficult for an Igbo man to become the president.

He added that once the cabals give their blessing to an Igbo man, the road to the presidency would be an easy ride for Ndigbo and the presidency would be accompanied by good governance.

Speaking to newsmen in his office, Adimora noted that “although Igbo presidency will come with good governance, it still depends on whether the cabals would ever want good governance in Nigeria or not, since they are the one that can zero in on an Igbo man for the presidential slot.”

According to Adimora, “Igbo presidency will surely come with good governance and if the cabals want it that way, they will look for an Igbo president who will dismantle the evil forces that are holding Nigeria down”.

“An Igbo man in Aso Rock Villa will dismantle all the retrogressive forces and institutions that make good governance impossible for the past 59 years but if the cabals insist on not fielding an Igbo man in 2023, this country will cave in on all of us”.

“For instance, the corruption in Customs and police force and the rot in civil service cannot thrive under an Igbo presidency, just as inequity in the system cannot thrive under Igbo presidency because Ndigbo are known for equity”.

“The poor state of road network in the country cannot be allowed under an Igbo man in the Villa or Aso Rock because Igbo men are travelers and they live all over the country. There will be justice in the system. An Igbo man in presidency will champion a rebirth, rejuvination and bright new day for Nigeria in all the institutions in Nigeria, for good governance”.

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