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Bandits Raid Hospital In Niger, Kidnap Staff Members, Patients, And Doctors

 Abdulsalami Abubakar General Hospital in Gulu, Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State was raided by bandits on Monday night, and  at least two people were shot dead and numerous others were kidnapped.
Although the identities of those who were killed were unknown at the time of publication, it has been established that among those taken hostage were a doctor, a pharmacist, nurses, patients, and their loved ones.
The hospital staff members who were kidnapped included Dr. John, the head of clinical services, Usman Zabbo, the head of hematology, and Awaisu Bida, a member of the medical lab staff.
Along with many other family members of the patients, the wife and daughters of the head of nursing services, the head pharmacist, and his two daughters were also taken hostage.
It was thought that the attack was a deliberate attempt to secure medical help for some of the injured bandits in the forest.
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Patients with less serious conditions were taken hostage, a staff member who wasn’t on duty at the time of the attack told our correspondent over the phone.
“This is among the most horrific experiences. Since we are unable to remain here any longer, Gulu General Hospital has unfortunately collapsed. Last night, every employee on duty was taken. They only kept a small number of seriously ill patients. This is cruel, he declared.
In a telephone interview with our correspondent, a local who wished to remain anonymous said that “kidnappers in their considerable numbers arrived to Gulu at 2:30am to 3am and in the course of the raid, raided General Hospital. They abducted numerous people, including the hospital doctor, Dr. John, and the pharmacist, and they killed two people whose homes were just across from the hospital.
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